Clutch Band Brakes: Pictures and Information

I use a jam nut in between the band and the side cover. That way you can let the band pivot on the bolt, but tighten the jamb nut to keep the bolt from backing out on you. Hope that helps.
Yes, thank you- very helpful. I asked the question because I have seen a clutch brand brake "kit" sold ("Allied Leisure"?) whereby one end of the band brake is actually WELDED to the bolt and as such does not pivot at all. It would seem to me that having the band brake freely pivot on the bolt would allow it to conform and align itself better with the clutch bell housing for better stopping power?
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Just like this last set of pics. This clutch is going to continue to tighten or grab because it is mounted on the back side of the motor and the motor is spinning counter clockwise. It needs to be flipped around to the front so as the motor spins, it will be forced outward. Or does it not make any difference?
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I installed a band brake on a clutch today. I didn't have a mounting bracket. It was an older 3hp Briggs motor. I removed the second bolt from the motor housing and used a longer bolt with a nut on it to hold the brake in place. I actually used three nuts -- one against the crank case, and one on either side of the band brake. It worked really well.

I don't know if this method would work for other engines, but for small briggs, this is a really effective and easy way to install it.


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For a regular MAX-torque clutch, what size band do I use? I looked on OldMiniBikes and there are 4 sizes! I know the biggest ones are too big. Do I need a 4" or a 4 3/16"? Please help a clutch brake newbie! ....and thanks!
This is a nifty device, but how well does the clutch hold up to the extra heat/stress and has there ever been any damage to cranks/rods/bearings using these?

I've never seen one so I don't have a clue about them, obviously:laugh:
does a place sell this setup for the predator
or are they all home made
although I could probably copy that design, I dont mind buying one either since im not sure exactly all the parts used

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Just wanted to say thanks for guys and threads like this :thumbsup:

If you're trying to slow down a toy that has a Predator (212cc) engine, here's the skinny: