Coleman CT200U Vs Motovox MBX10

I am soon going to be buying another mini bike, I just sold my MBX10 and it was a GREAT bike, It reached maybe around 35mph without any mods. So I am considering the Coleman CT200u, it has 4 more horsepower a but has a top speed of 20 mph? Does anybody know why this??? I want to buy it because the MBX10 lacked a little power so I was just wondering, what are your thoughts on the Coleman??
I love my Coleman. It's a nice sturdy frame and has a Honda clone so parts are easily sourced. It's also on the bigger side of mini bikes, could be a bad or good thing. (good for me 5'10"-200lbs) The biggest reason for the top speed is the governor. Do the big three and let out the screw a little and you'll get more than enough power to cruise around.
On my CT200U it made a huge difference with a new exhaust, re jetting the carb, adding a K&N style filter and backing out the screw! Picked up 10mph over stock.