Easiest way to improve braking power? Baja MB200

Hi everyone, I just got a new Baja MB200. It's fun for what it is but I am already thinking of mods. To me the first and most important mod would be a better brake.

I read a thread here on OldMiniBikes where a guy added a front brake... that could be in the cards at some point in the future.

But I also read (on another forum) where a guy simply changed out the OEM rear brake shoe for a HONDA model.

The HONDA part # he gave was: honda 06430-GBJ-J10

Does anyone know if this would work? This would be a quick and cheap way to improve the rear brake if so.

I can post a link to that other forum thread if anyone needs it but usually forums don't like links to other forums:)

Thank you!! :)