Flywheel / Timing Key

When installing a new timing key do you want to try and advance the flywheel over as much as possible or is the idea that this will move itself back and forth when spinning up and down ?

And to quadruple check its 54lbs. for stock flywheel on a clone engine ..correct ?
Step goes to the right, clock or rotate the flywheel against the step and torque. I torque mine to 60 ft/lb

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So after adjusting flywheel again I dont see any real gain.. It's also more sketchy idle and stumbles slightly before it picks up..
From flywheel side engine turns/runs clockwise advance the timing with a cut key you need to advance the flywheel more clockwise. Is this what you done ?
I have got an aluminum flywheel from a gcv160, how many degrees is that wheel timed at? If you understand my poor Norwegian English..