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    Check for leaking valves
  2. mrpat

    Anyone who gre up in the late 60's-70's check this out.

    I saw this and had a look. Boy oh boy does it bring back the memories. The commercials, the toys, and the great times. We'd be gone from sun up until "the street lights came on". Let me know what you think. Pat
  3. myjunk

    Check out these survivors

    No they are not mine, and technically not a mini bike, but how cool are these? Honda Other | eBay
  4. N

    Selling my bonanza on eBay check it out

    Bonanza MX1410 Mini Bike | eBay
  5. buckeye

    Check this ice machine.. Fffooxxx..thing is crazy!
  6. CarPlayLB

    Winber name badges...check in here!

    OldMiniBikes'ers going to Winber...I am jealous! As many of you know, I am making name tags for OldMiniBikes'ers going to Winber. I have made a list, checked it twice, and here is what I have. Please add to the list, or preferably PM me with your first name and OldMiniBikes user name. If you PM'd me in the past and are...
  7. cpu77

    Check out the suspension fork I made!

    I have wanted suspension on my minibikes since I got into them. There are not many options. So I did decided to make a universal bolt on kit. This is my prototype. It works very well and needs nothing but fork tubes to fit doodlebugs:) I have another kit in the works for fork tubes over...
  8. BigJ

    Hey guys! New to the site! Check out my ride!

    Finally did some work on my DB30 recently! Here's how it turned out Had 6.5 Greyhound Engine Governor removed 18lb springs .003 Exhaust .002 Intake Custom exhaust UNI 2-stage air filter AGK 22mm Mikuni carb adapter with pulse fitting 22mm Carb 95 main jet Mikuni fuel pump Custom paint...
  9. JohnnyTillotson

    Diaphragm carb check ball?

    9 times out of ten i dont bother with taking off and changing the welch plugs. Yeah i know its not the right thing to do but so far a perfect record with rebuilding these sons of bitches. Last night im feeling extra industrious and take off the one behind the diaphragm and as im pulling it off...
  10. zeeman

    Check out this Rupp build by I could not figure out how to post the whole ad, but it says it is build by old Vintage Rupp. $350. I don't think so!
  11. JohnnyTillotson

    Wow check this one out

    Looks like I'll have to add Bee keeping Fogger to my auto alerts alongside Snowblower, Tiller and Edger for finding vintage Tecumseh engines because great gods of pickin did I score last night!! Look at this gorgeous thing. 1968 H30 in near pristine shape. In fact I was told it was used once...
  12. JohnnyTillotson

    Check it

    7 engines painted in 7 days. Haha. Came out pretty good for rattle can action. Finishing up motors at a fast pace here.
  13. B

    Sachs Saxonette 47cc - Coleman 2.4 mini bike transmission fluid check?

    Does anyone know where I can find some info on where the transmission fluid goes or how to check/replace it? I found a 60s-70s model (I think) Coleman 2.4 mini bike with the Sachs Saxonette 47cc 2 speed automatic in my grandmothers garage and got it running again but I'm having a few problems...
  14. nds1968

    Check out this Monster....

    Rokon two wheel drive Rokon two wheel drive motorcycle
  15. Docdc

    Check this H35 muffler.

    I am in LOVE with this muffler! (LOL!) Tecumseh Motor H35 Original Vintage Rupp Bananza Mini Bike 3 5 HP Running Engine | eBay Doc
  16. bigevilone2

    Check this little guy out !

    Do u want a 500$ mini bike ? Take a look :laugh:
  17. Sixpac440

    Hilltopper Jackshaft wear ....

    Saturday I was out on the Hilltopper and the right hand jackshaft bearing came out of its holder. The "C" clip groove had worn away. A large groove had been worn in the shaft also a lesser groove where the other bearing sits. I welded it up, ground it in, new bearings and clips ...
  18. D

    Flywheel / Timing Key

    When installing a new timing key do you want to try and advance the flywheel over as much as possible or is the idea that this will move itself back and forth when spinning up and down ? And to quadruple check its 54lbs. for stock flywheel on a clone engine ..correct ?
  19. tbird

    1/4 scale RC Monster truck

    Is anyone into RC stuff? If so, you have to check this out. It's BAD A$$!!! Quarter Scale Grave Digger
  20. fletchman77

    Texas outlaw mini bikes -- tomb

    Want to invite you Texas guys to check out our group. Based in the Houston/Beaumont area but open to those willing to bring your bikes out and RIDE!!! TOMB is a motivated group of adults crazy about all things minibike. We're putting together rides so check out the group and introduce yourself...