1. smudvapor

    Finally cleaned the garage today!

    Had to take some of the toys out so I thought I would share a pic. Garage is done and they are back in. I was going to take the Mustang out for a ride but the brakes are frozen. A project for another day. I guess that is her way of telling me that I don't take her out enough. :shrug:
  2. piglet

    What did my wife get me at a garage sale?

    Not sure what this one is back wheel is the same as my rupp has im guessing that isn't the original. The front one looks original to me it's a 5". Thanks for looking/helping.
  3. leafvillage

    Garage Sale Find

    Saturday morning I stopped by a yard sale and I had to take a double look, it took me by surprise. I found a mini bike, old and no motor, but the frame was in good shape, it has a seat and wheels, tires and a scrub brake. There was a kill switch on it at one point. There is a throttle with a...
  4. Biffmini

    Garage ventless heater

    The best investment for winter work in my garage! Look at this on eBay Procom Vent Free Infrared Plaque Gas Wall Heater | eBay Piped gas from house to garage. I can leave it on over night. Heat up paint temp turn off to paint, back on to cure. I'm so happy with this little heater. Just...
  5. T

    Found this mini bike in my girl friends garage. What is it?

    Hello all, I found this mini bike in my girlfriends mothers garage. I don't know much about bikes can someone give me some insight? debating fixing it but don't know where to look for parts. The engine will run if gas is dumped in the carb and it rolls. Thanks in advance
  6. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop's Clean out the Garage Summer 2016

    Miscellaneous stuff to sell (All plus shipping and PayPal only): 1 pair of Sebacs--great chrome on springs but plastic piston sleeves are cracked--$20 1 pair Sebacs--chrome iffy on springs but plastic piston sleeves are great--$20 1 pair No-Name Shocks 11 1/2" eye-to-eye NEW came off the Lil...
  7. Woody212

    Repurposed garage junk into custom mini parts

    This what happens when the wife is out of town for the weekend, left to my own devices with a fridge full of beer and a large full on junk. I found that a stromberg carb air filter and a broken old VAT 40 can be repurposed in to custom mini parts :hammer:...
  8. R

    Garage sale tools

    Snap on, gray, craftsman, diamond calk horseshoe co, litton, mastercraft, westward, an old "twin" wrench, double headed crescent wrench
  9. topnotch

    It's time cleaning out the garage and the storage

    As for the new year I have a new years resolution, I have decided to sale 90% of all my minibikes starting sometime this month. I'm not sure for how much are which category that I'm start with first, parts, unrestored, restored, custom, or my precious survivors. I will keep you guys posted...
  10. KustomKartKid

    Garage Sale Clutches NORAM / ALLSTATE

    Cleaning out the garage and found this pair of vintage clutches. NORAM (North American Clutch Co.) has steel shoes, 3/4" bore, 10T for #41 Chain. ALLSTATE has composite shoes, bronze bushing... 5/8 bore, 10T for #35 chain. There were bikes (Sears?) that used the clutches as OEM equipment but...
  11. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop's Clean out the Garage Sale Part 2: Engines

    1- Briggs 5hp flathead off a go kart. Has header pipe and muffler. Got as a package deal when I got my Ruttman. Not alcohol, runs strong and will include a bracket for clutch guard. $95 plus shipping. Pretty much ready to put on a bike. 1-Tecumseh OHH60 (OHV195). Fresh rebuild with new rings...
  12. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop's Clean out the Garage Sale Part 1

    Miscellaneous stuff: 1- Briggs 5 hp gas tank very good condition--20 shipped 1- Aluminum scrub brake very good condition--15 shipped 1- Quart size vintage tank (was a 2 cycle)--could use a good cleaning--15 shipped 1-Shallow Briggs tank (4 screw pulsajet) for 3-3.5 hp engines--could use a good...
  13. J

    Garage Sale Mini Bike Goods

    Below is a list of items for sale. I accept Pay Pal gift for payment. All prices listed below plus shipping. 2- used Carlisle Dbl Indian tires 4.10x3.5x4. $40.00 (pair) 1- new Kenda slick 4.10x3.5x4...
  14. Stangrcr1

    Garage sale find

    I have a buddy that I had mentioned to, several years ago, that I was looking for a tiller. This was before I got the Gilson Tiller and rebuilt that. I know it has been several years because I have used the Gilson tiller the last two planting seasons. Anyway, he calls me yesterday and says I...
  15. G

    Garage clean-out sale!

    Hello Everyone, Cleaning out my garage of all old minibike stuff. One price buys EVERYTHING! Tec engines in 3,5,6,&7 hp varieties. Bird frame Chaparral frame? shocks wheels tires (taco tire sidewall cracking) for the low price of $250.00! Only catch is you must take everything! I've fired a few...
  16. TwinCity

    Garage Sale Sears Mini Bike - My First

    Hello! I picked up my first mini bike at a garage sale yesterday and I'm trying to learn more about it. It's a Sears Roebuck and Co Model Number: 391-80950 Serial/Code Date: 2523 Does anyone have a manual/more information? It has a Tecumseh Motor but I haven't taken off the cover...
  17. J

    Garage Sale Find

    I found this old rig on the way home from grocery store at a garage sale. According to the village Briggs website and the 5S model motor was built in November 1951. Reel mower was made by the F&M mower company. I'm going to dump your alarm see if I can get it running.
  18. Bob Gaudette

    RUPP Hustler Barn/Garage find

    So I'm on Craigslist and I see this ad for a 1971 Rupp Hustler. Pictures were not great and he was asking 1500 Which was crazy. So I give the guy a call and he tells me it's all original never been touched which I found hard to believe cause there were no Hustler decals on the tank. So I ask him...
  19. S

    Almost 30 years

    Hey everybody I'm new to the group from south TX and I am starting to rebuild a mini for my son that's 12. However I have owned this mini for almost 30 years I bought it before I was 10 at a garage sale for 5 bucks and im now 35... I would like any insight as to what brand it might have been...
  20. oldsledz

    Garage cleaning Engine sale

    Time to clean the garage of some things I will never use. 4 Tecumseh engines , I think they are 3.5 HP none are running at this time 30.00 takes all 4. I also have 4 Briggs & Stratton engines , I think 3 are 3 HP and one 5 HP none run 30.00 for all 4. I don't want to ship them ...