Gemini Mini Bike


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Hi all, locally a fellow has a Gemini for sale it has the 2 stroke engine, it is not running the head is off the engine and the ignition is all dissembled as is most of the electrical wiring (this is what I learned from the owner) he bought it that way and has given up on it. My question is are engine parts available better yet could this bike be re-engined with say a Yamaha 80CC engine? Researching the Gemini I learned that they were only imported about 2/3 years and not that many of them.
Thanks GB in MN
I had one awhile back the parts are very hard to find.... but i did mannage to fit a 50cc engine in their with light mods to the frame! :thumbsup:

pic below!

Its a gemini sst 50...i made a set of custom front forks from a set i got off ebay...the engine is a 50cc honda knock off also from ebay:thumbsup:

Pic below is how it started



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Hi Drewman79, thanks for your reply boy you did a great job on the bike looks great. My searching has come up with little or no parts as you posted but going with the Honda clone is a great idea, gives me some ideas. The fellow is not asking much for the bike so I'll give it more thought.
GB in MN:scooter:
Thanks! if u need anything or wanna know how i did a few things let me know i can get u some links to parts that i used!:thumbsup: good luck!!