Gemini SST info needed.... where's Steve???


I have an early model Gemini SST minibike (not sure of the exact year) that is in need of a few repairs. It needs a right handle bar, brake light switch, clutch/brake lever, choke lever, tail light lens and a piston/rings w/wrist pin. I would also like to find a service or operations manual, if I could.

Looking over this site, it seems there is someone called Gemini Steve who is a bit of an expert with the Gemini models. Could anyone pass along how to contact him? I would like to send him a picture of my bike to see if he could identify what exactly I am working with....

This site looks great and any help with my search for parts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! :smile: George
If you post a picture in your profile I could ID'it for you.Ived owned a few in the past.The guy Steve is out of California some where. His buisiness is called Gemini Motorsports I believe.I have a few parts left-clutch disks & steel plates(clutch rebuild setup), a oil tank,gas cap,nos coil, manual, & some cool original brocures & poster. Let me know if your interested in any & posts some pics or email me. Mark
Thanks for the replies guys. My Gemini SST looks quite a bit different:

Mark tells me it may be a '71 or '72 80cc model. Thanks for that Mark.

I sent a message to Gemini Steve so I'm making good progress on figuring out the next step in my restoration!

Anyone with any of the parts I'm needing, please let me know. :smile: