Hard to start predator 212

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Hey guys im finishing up my go kart build and have it all together, but this thing is almost impossible to start. The valve lash is good, but i dont think its getting enough fuel when pulling the cord or something. I had it running for the first time today for a solid 45 seconds with the enrichment device open on my mikuni 22 carb. It idled FAST. Once i started closing that slowly the rpms went slightly lower until it died and i couldnt start it up again. For test purposes im gravity feeding fuel and will hook it up to a walbro fuel pump, but i realized i have the adapter fitting plugged(red hose).. would this have an affect on trying to start the go kart? Im thinking if i unplug it, it might suck a little more fuel and thats what i need to save myself from pulling the cord 2 hours just to get it to run once. gkart.jpg


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It's not a fuel shortage .. you may have an air leak at the intake .. you have obviously been in the motor .. and I would bet your lash is not right even though you think it is
if its not a fuel shortage then what would it be? it starts up with the enrichment device on but it has a very high consistent idle, and i cant get it to idle low with it off, is it getting too much air? i dont think its a chinese knockoff, all of the parts are from Iskys website and i got it with the adapater fitting but its currently plugged and gravity fed. But like i said, doesnt start up every pull and when it does it idles very high.


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Enrichment device. Where are you from, dude? braveheart.gif

It's a choke.

I was gonna say take it back to HF but, yeah, you've been into the motor.


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It is called an enrichment on these and not a choke ... I misunderstood your post !! What size pilot and main Jets are you running ? And where is your air screw set ? Tim sells a nice kit but they are generally not plug and play .. very inconsistent on stock jetting . Sounds like your pilot is too small or your air setting is off .. pin height would be nice to know too
Currently have a 12.5 pilot I was recommended but I'm guessing it's making it lean out while idling hence the high idle. I have a 95 main, ordered both a 17.5 pilot to see if it brings down the idle and a #130 main jet. Been turning the air screw on the bottom about 1 to 1 1/2 turns out. Have the needle clip on the middle notch for the slide. Could the slide be letting too much air in as well?
If it is idling high with the enrichment on then it seems like your idling screw is set for to high of an rpm. The idle screw holds the slide up a fraction at idle. All it does is raise or lower the slide, it doesn't connect to any air or fuel passages.

If it dies when the enrichment is turn off then you have a problem with the idle circuit. Are you Sure everything is clean in the carb body? Is your pilot jet clear? New parts don't mean clean parts. You have to clean new parts too.

Jumping from a 95 jet to a 130 is HUGE. Personally I would leave the 95 in there until you get it idling with the enrichment off. Try lowering your needle clip which will raise your needle. That will give more fuel coming off idle.

Also. I remember reading a carb adapter post. On some carbs there is a small hole in the engine side of the carb on the gasket mounting surface. I think that hole had to be vented to the atmosphere or something like that. Do you have that hole in your carb? Is your gasket blocking it off?