1. M

    Hard to start predator 212

    Hey guys im finishing up my go kart build and have it all together, but this thing is almost impossible to start. The valve lash is good, but i dont think its getting enough fuel when pulling the cord or something. I had it running for the first time today for a solid 45 seconds with the...
  2. ericrg3

    1972 sl70 wiring harness! Why must you be so hard to find???

    :confused: The Ko's are out there and so is the xl's but no sl70k1 harnesses!!! Does anyone know of anyone that makes them? :scooter:
  3. M

    Hard starting 4hp

    Hi guys, I'm working on a 1964 Tote Goat for a friend. It has a 4hp Briggs. Went through it all and rebuilt the carb. Cold starts fine, restarts easily immediately after you shut it down, but if it sits for 5 minutes or more it is a bear to get going again. I've found a very very slim sweet...
  4. X

    Hard Tail Scrap Chopper

    Hey guys, So i started building a scrap chopper out of a old Honda sl350 frame I had layin around. Chopped the frame and cut and bent bars to hard tail it, then I got a 5hp Briggs, put a Tecumseh carb on it so I can run a gas tank. Anyways heres some photos of it so far.
  5. Cuda54

    HM100 hard starting.

    My HM100 is hard starting when it is the first time. The first cold start take a while even choked once it is warm just a short pull and it fires right up. When it is running it idles fine and has good throttle response. But really hard to get it started the first time after it sets a while. It...
  6. Spoildface

    New Predator 212 Very hard pull

    Hey guys bought a fresh predator motor and first thing I pulled the govenor and guts out, put an ARC Flywheel on, Higher tension Valve springs, and an air filter and jet kit. But I did not touch anything else. Now I went to break it in the other night and oiled it, and as soon as it hits...
  7. T

    Predator 212 hard to pull

    Hey, so my predator 212 is having an issue. After a day of riding it until the gas was out, I leaned it up against a tree outside, I think that there were light rains. Went out next morning put gas in it and it wouldnt pull. The motor is completely stock. Oil level is full. So there is a...
  8. jeep4me

    Wanted..... Hard Plastic TAV Cover

    I'm looking for a good used hard plastic torque converter cover. Needs to be usable, with no cracks and the slots intact. I can get a new one for around $35, but would prefer an experience one for a survivor bike I have. Thanks!
  9. N

    Hard starting and clutch slipping

    Hey guys I got my mini running. It stated real hard and once its running the clutch is slipping. Is there a way to adjust the clutch or does it need a new one. I know nothing about working on these motors. can you guys give me any pointers?
  10. M

    Blue smoke on hard rev

    I have a mild 196cc with 0.020" billet rod, ft honda 1mm rings, billet 6619 fw,18lb springs as well as the usual stage 1 stuff. I noticed that if I free rev the bike with the wheel off the ground there is small amount of blue smoke. Is this from the rings not sealing, sloppy valve guide or...
  11. N

    Briggs 5 HP hard to start when warm

    I have a Briggs 5 hp Fun Power engine with an older style carb that is hard to start when its warm even if you only kill it for 30 seconds... I would often start it choked with the throttle wide open! It is often easier to start when cold and runs really strong This mini bike had been sitting in...
  12. E

    predor hard to start after mods

    I bought a brand new hemi head predator. installed .308 dyno billet cam new springs billet rod billet flywheel stainless valves. after reassembling its almost impossible to pull start engine I got it to start one time.. checked timing and valve lash both seem good. btw I used the thinner head...
  13. bikerboybenny8

    ISO Bronco TX hard tail frame

    Bronco tx models.. PM please. Cash on hand
  14. JohnnyTillotson

    Angled intakes

    Ok so I was doing some inventory and I've got a running engine lined up for every bike currently in stock. What I just realized is I will be needing quite a few angled intakes fo HS40 and HS50 engines. Can't believe I overlooked this but almost all the bikes I have left to get going have...
  15. Scottessey

    Holy Cow, I found it!

    I'm in shock. :blink: After years of hunting, I finally found the piece that many of us have been looking for, either for ourselves or for our friends. Those of us that have been trying to find one know how hard they are to come by. Some of us have decided that a UFO abduction, or a Big Foot...
  16. R

    Hard to find cat sisiy bars

    Here they are available on EB-Y Vintage Mini Bike Cat Eliminator Sissy Bar Shocks Seat Rails | eBay
  17. Not so mini bike

    Bird scrub brake pad

    Pulled this off of a 10" wheel bird. Still has plenty of life left. Comes with the oh so hard to find clip. $30 shipped
  18. T

    Honda Clone engine hard to turn

    Hello to you all, I have searched a lot with no luck at all bit here I saw many that know about this engines, my engine is not from a minibike but from a genset, I got an AllPower 3500watts genset model APG3002D was working perfect, this Saturday I heard it was running out of gas so I went...

    Lil Indian Brake Caliper and Lever

    I bought one from this person that has the complete brake setup earlier this week. Don't know if he is a member on here or not. He might be an untapped resource for hard to find parts.:thumbsup: Lil Indian Mini Bike Disc Brake w Lever Original | eBay
  20. jeffdubb8

    NOS Broncco Chain Guard

    Hard to find... broncco chain guard | eBay