Hemi Head Predator Billet Valve Cover


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Ambush racing has Thier own site now ... And you don't have to get them engraved .. or you can get them custom .. I have a few of their products and they are very nice quality pieces
Cap in the top of valve cover for filling oil? Why would you want to do that?
If you have a slanted mount, the front filler is almost horizontal and non functional, because it is lower than the level line. If you have a torque converter, the rear is hard to access. It just makes sense to put it where you can get to it. Hey, Chevy done it on V-8'S.....any con's to doing it on a Predator?
Not as long as your head is sealed well and you open the oil return hole .. I would also put seals on both valve stems under the springs
.. can't wait to see what you make !! Based on the work on your bike it will be killer
That's the intelligent answer I was looking for. I haven't cracked the engine open yet, so that was one of my concerns about the oil return and the valve seals. Thanks.