I Guess I Found Myself A Treasure

It's amazing what you can find in people's barns...

A couple of months ago, my dad and I were down in my neighbors barn digging out an old hay rake that was stuck in the mud. Well, I noticed behind it was a go-cart looking thing but I couldn't quite tell what it was because there were quite a few tarps and such plied on top of it. I forgot to ask the guy who owned to barn about it and I left it at that.

Well I was down at a friend's house dinking around on his 4-wheeler and I remembered "Hey, that guy had a go-cart down in his barn. I wonder if he still wants it."

Anyways, to make long story short, I asked him about it when we were down picking up hay and it turned out he didn't. He said I could have it if I dug it out. Of course, I couldn't resist.

So, as you guys can see form the pictures, it's a Rupp Go-Joe. Apparently he's had it from new when he got it for his son. His son drove it a few times, the last time being when he hit the barn and bent the crap out of the left front tie rod. It then sat in the barn until 2001 when a flood came and filled the barn with 2 feet of water. Well, he had never taken to time to get it out and there it sat until now when I pulled it out.

As you can see, it looks a little rough from the flood but it's all there. Still had the original engine with fuel in the lines on it. Unfortunately, the engine was ruined but I do have a 5hp Briggs & Stratton side shaft engine I hope will work for it.

If the mods don't mind, I sorta hope to keep a resortation page going here. I don't plan to resort it to original specs because I plan on using it. But, hey, a Go-Joe is a Go-Joe right?

Anyways, here's a picture of it after I dug it out of the barn and brought it up to the house. All I did was wash it down with the hose:

I've already started dis-assembly to clean and repaint everything and replace what needs to be:

And this one was taken today. Unfortunately, it's pouring so i've pretty much done what I can but tomorrow I hope to start scrubbing and degreaseing the chassis so that we can get it painted and such.

So here comes the questions. Does anyone know of a decent parts supplies for these things? It seems like Mini-Bike's were Rupps' specialty and I wasn't having much luck with Googleing. I figured this tread would be a good place to say hello. Sorry if this is in the wrong place mods.
Thanks minibikedude, I might send him an e-mail.

I don't plan on completely going away from the original scheme, I was thinking about maybe doing a black body and replacing the while pin striping with red. Nothing too radical. I live on a farm and wanna ride it, not just have it for its good looks. :001_cool:
Ok guys, I know I haven't posted for awhile, been busy with my other expensive hobbies....

I really haven't had the time to work on it much, been busy with school and as I said, other expensive hobbies.

Thanks for the links mybiz, I need to check the thing so I get e-mails when people reply cause I totally spaced out I had an account and thread here. :doah:

Anyways, what do these things typically sell for? You guys get the general idea of the condition, I have since pretty much stripped it and scrubbed everything with engine cleaner and such. Everything is there except the original engine because it was totally junk from the flood.