Indian or Italjet mini, mini front & rear fenders. Inidan = metal Italjet = plastic

Hello, Does anyone have a set of front & rear fenders for the Indian mm5a Mini, mini (metal) and/or for the Italjet mm5b mini, mini (plastic) ?? Please let us know.. Thank you..
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Its a long shot but I just bought a big lot of parts consisting of a couple thousand Aermacchi and other mini bike parts. I plan on keeping most the Aermacchi stuff since that's why I bought the lot in the first place. I have around 80 other fenders that I plan on listing and I've attached pictures of about 30. If you care to, look those over and let me know if you see the fenders you are looking for. The only plastic fenders are the two black fenders that appear to be from the same bike.
SDC19596.JPG SDC19592.JPG