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  1. D

    Italjet mm5b

    I ran across a one owner italjet mm5b today in mint condition. Seat is perfect bike runs. I bought it. Wondering whAt the bike is worth. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. M

    Second generation mini-bike jockeys: Indian Mini-Buffalo to Monster Moto B80

    Here is a picture from Christmas 1975 showing my 3-year old riding his Indian Mini-Buffalo (made by Italjet). And here is his ten-year old this Thanksgiving on the Monster Moto MM-B80, 41 years later.
  3. D

    Italjet mini Bambino

    Hi from Spain, just got on my hands this beauty. I would like to know if this is an original colour, as I can´t find much info on the net.
  4. G

    Where to buy parts for 1978 Italjet M5C mini?

    Just like the thread title says, where can I find parts for a 1978 Italjet M5C 50cc mini bike? This is an actual Italjet, not a re-badged Indian or other. Looking at the photos, then attempting to match it up to some other brand using google has been fruitless. The bike is 450 miles...
  5. J

    Indian or Italjet mini, mini front & rear fenders. Inidan = metal Italjet = plastic

    Hello, Does anyone have a set of front & rear fenders for the Indian mm5a Mini, mini (metal) and/or for the Italjet mm5b mini, mini (plastic) ?? Please let us know.. Thank you..
  6. J

    WTB Franco Morini inidian mm-5A or MM-5B S5K2 Italjet Spark plug cap

    Hello, we are in need of a spark plug cap w/ the spring inside that attaches to the spark plug ?? These are made of brass and screw into the main cap.. All the Indian & Italjet mini's used the same parts and pieces. I know i can gerry rig it pretty easily, but we would like to find the...
  7. H

    Italjet Indian Bambino MM5A parts

    For the little one i'm working on a restoration of a Italjet Indian Bambino MM5A (first bike) but i'm looking for some parts that i miss so i hope to find someone here who can help me in my searching... - bracket for the front fender - engine cover (ignition side) - brake lever left & right...
  8. S

    Italjet mini bambino

    I have just got a 1970s italjet mini bambino and need parts can any one help. Thanks
  9. J

    Searching for early 70's to early 80's Italjet Right hand Side Brake Lever mm5b

    Hello, We're looking for a right hand side brake lever for our Mid 70's Italjet MM5B.. Looking through tons of photos, the other Italjet minis models used the same levers which were black.. We have the housing, but no lever.. Anyone ?? Thank You, Marilyn..
  10. J

    Italjet MM5B Looking for the front brake handle and/or assembly

    Hello all.. Does anyone have some leftover Italjet MM5B pieces & parts ?? These Italjets are just like the Indian MM5A mini, minis, but Itlajet used a different brake lever set up on their Mini, mini MM5B or also known as the Bambino !! We're missing the rightside front brake lever assembly...
  11. T

    Fender Italjet PR50

    Hello, I am Twan from the Neterlands. A bought my first crossmotor back. It is a Italjet PR50. Now i am looking for de front and rear fender for this bike. Can somone help me? Greetings Twan
  12. J

    italjet mini

    Just picked up this mini Not sure what model or year it is Does anyone know where I can get info on it
  13. C

    italjet Mini Bambini Parts and little help

    Mini Bambini.Parts Hi I have a Italjet Mini Bambini I think,and i need some help. I am starting to renovate it.Totaly i think I would love to know what Year it can bee.Frame number 1-1 1656 Franco Morini engine. I need help to get parts.I start with that. Please correct me if i have...
  14. M


    Can some one tell me info on this mini I just picked up its complete but does not run Any info will help thanks
  15. T

    Italjet Trials Mini

    Anyone know if the rear shocks can be dismantled as I have drawn a blank ? I want to take them apart to refurbish. Many thanks..
  16. J

    Some specs re Italjet mini bambino/Indian?

    Hi guys. Any idea of correct specs for front forks? Length and wheel space etc? Mine is so bent can't judge it. Any recommended replacement forks? Also, good handle bar width to fit? A bit vague but has non standard bars and forks like bananas! Also, do they really not have any...
  17. richard68

    new here please help italjet or indian mm5a parts needed

    Hello im working on an italjet mini and am olny missing A few pecies I need a seat in any cond even just a pan/base A metal front fender and the flywheel cover plastic or metal Cracked bent broken any cond any help is greatly appreciated
  18. J

    Italjet Mini Mini Bambino MM5a - Shock Repairs?? - Help

    Hi Can anybody tell me how to take apart rear shocks on an Italjet mini mini bambino? I have four of these bikes that I am renovating, but all of the shocks are in a bad way with rust etc. and I want to re-chrome the springs but I cant get them apart. I tried to get one set apart and have...
  19. Cleturner

    italjet minorelli motori p 4 or p450

    Hello everyone its been a while but i was hoping someone that could point me in the direction of a motor for my indian.....thanks
  20. C

    italjet parts wanted

    I recently brought my boy an italjet bike.. I think it is an m5d but not completely sure,as im learning as I go lol. It runs very well but as far as I know the forks and mud guards are not Original, and the front wheel needs the brake drum sorted as the pads Have come away. . Any...