1. Studeman68

    This is funny..I no Know where all your plastic bags end up!

    I laughed my butt off what I opened this box to get my Clinton engine from Ebay out of the box when it arrived... I think I know where all the plastic bags you all recycle go :laugh:...this is crazy.. Hate to see the sellers pantry! Holy Cow...
  2. danford1

    Wanted: plastic model builder for minibike model kit.

    I got a MPC model kit for Christmas :-) It is a 1/8 scale Rupp Roadster, 6" long. Im old. I used to build models when I was young. Now I have arthritis and doing small intricate tasks like building a model is damn near impossible. I can work in the garage on cars and minibikes, but not this...
  3. capguncowboy

    Early Cat Throttle (Black Plastic, no bumps)

    Confirmed early cat throttle (Derek) from a 1969 400x. Good condition, grip isn't original. Cable included but not sure if it's original or not. $75 plus shipping
  4. Not so mini bike

    Plastic fender set db30

    Front and rear fenders. Great shape. No cracks. Plus fork plate plastic. $45 shipped for all of it. Will not separate
  5. jeep4me

    Wanted..... Hard Plastic TAV Cover

    I'm looking for a good used hard plastic torque converter cover. Needs to be usable, with no cracks and the slots intact. I can get a new one for around $35, but would prefer an experience one for a survivor bike I have. Thanks!
  6. capguncowboy

    Welding up a plastic Hilltopper fuel tank

    I picked up a Hilltopper a few months back and it had a few things wrong with it, but everything was easily fixed. It's not pretty, but it ran well and the fuel tank didn't leak -- That is, until my brother-in-law laid it down at Windber. The fuel tank started leaking later that night. I...
  7. C

    Tecumseh Plastic Fuel Tank Resto

    I would like to learn what members have done to restore yellowed plastic tanks. I'm doing a full resto on the 2.5 HP Tecumseh for my 1971 Allied Leisure Mini Mate. The tank was originally white to match the engine paint.
  8. M

    plastic fenders iltaljet 50 cc wheelie coin op

    I picked up this cool coin op kiddie ride iltaljet 50 cc from what I can tell its from the 70s ?? need fenders .any help would be much appreciated
  9. C

    Plastic Chrome Plating

    I have a Rupp headlight bucket for rechrome. Looking for someone to chrome electroplate it, not spray chrome in a can. Anyone know a guy?
  10. J

    Indian or Italjet mini, mini front & rear fenders. Inidan = metal Italjet = plastic

    Hello, Does anyone have a set of front & rear fenders for the Indian mm5a Mini, mini (metal) and/or for the Italjet mm5b mini, mini (plastic) ?? Please let us know.. Thank you..
  11. capguncowboy

    Black Side fill plastic tank

    A little dirty and nicked up, but solid. Includes lower bracket (not pictured). $20 plus shipping (OBO) from 37618
  12. bikerboybenny8

    painting plastic gas tanks??

    i recently just finished my nighthawk and did a slack ass job throwing a coat of black spray paint on my nighthawk tank... it started peeling about 1 day after i started riding haha.. what are your guys' experiences with painting plastic? any processes that have proven to be successful? im...
  13. B

    Which Intake is Better Metal Or Plastic?

    I am getting a new intake for my Briggs and Stratton 5hp Motor. I have found 2 new intakes that will fit my tecumseh carb. One is a tillotson metal carb intake for $45 and the other one is a No-Name plastic one for $3. Does anybody know which one is better?
  14. I

    plastic cam

    How many times have you took a lawnmower motor apart and found a plastic cam? What is the chance of failure if I remove the governor and rev it? And another question. Is there a vertical shaft motor out there that uses raptor parts?
  15. Midyrman

    Tec Plastic Tank

    My HS40 tank is yellowed. Cleaning helped to whiten a bit......but what works to restore the original whiteness or has anyone applied paint or something else when restoring their Tec tank? Thanks. Tom
  16. pomfish

    Baja MB165 Plastic Clutch cover needed

    Need used one cheap for Baja Heat MB165, NOT the MB200. Plastic, not metal. If you upgraded to a TAV or have a parts bike , LMK Thanks! Keith
  17. bigevilone2

    Bonanza Plastic MX Tank

    I've never seen one before ? Bonanza Mini Bike Gas Tank Vintage Hodaka All Original Great Condition | eBay Step up or step back !!!! LOL !
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    Picked up another nice side popper

    Pretty sure it's a '71. From a Toro and I don't think they were around in '61? I could be wrong. I love this one. Has a cool red plastic tank (Oh yeah, plastic tank, gotta be '71) under some white chalky stuff that was still on it in the pic. Really, really great sounding compression...
  19. markus

    Tecumseh plastic tank trade

    I am currently redoing an HS50 to sell and am kinda wanting to do it in white. Was going to do silver or black but the last few have been those colors so I wanna switch it up. I need a clean plastic one, side fill-I have the same in black (and a nice black center fill too if you needed that...
  20. D

    Plastic intake spacer and gaskets from 79cc/99cc Predator

    I have a 79cc Predator (this is going on a bicycle), and I want to use a 19mm mikuni carb. I have the carb and a manifold, but the manifold is too wide at the intake end (either end, actually but different bolt patterns on the carb end), to fit flush against the intake port due to the fact that...