Iron Honky's crazy winter sale

Well gonna rotate some of my parts that I didnt use last year.

Rupp roadster gas tank with exhaust. Tank is in decent shape. Small ding in corner and some dings in cap. Some surface rust(nothing bad) inside. Exhaust has a dent in the inside side. It would need flange nipple. Asking $50 for both plus shipping

Looks like a 9 inch split rim. Good shape. $20 plus shipping

Hodaka 99cc dirt squirt motor. Wrong head (I have been told). Shifts through all gears. Kicks freely. All wires there too. $125 plus shipping

1962 3hp briggs. Great compression but no spark. $35 plus shipping

19?? 3hp briggs. No spark. No exhaust or flow jet carb. Really clean motor to mess with. $30

If anyone needs more pics or info I can text them to you. 4849032800

Happy shopping.