1. cambo61

    Fox Sundowner Fuel tank. Later style. Great shape

    No pin holes or serious damage. Excellent tank. Steal at $85 + Fedex shipping. I prefer paypal. It has a tiny ding on the tank sidewall which is easily blended. Shown on the 2nd pic by the petcock on the pic. I'm trying to rake the light across the critical areas so you can see how good of...
  2. M

    Manco Big Cat New Engine Complete Electrical Kit Great Shape

    You are looking at a Manco Big Cat Minibike. The price is $1200.00. It is in Ypsilanti, MI. It is one of the biggest mini bikes made. The tires are 22" tall, 11" wide and are mounted on 8" rims. The tread is very fresh. I replaced the jack shaft and drive sprocket. The chain is also new. The...
  3. MTS-30 frame

    MTS-30 frame

  4. Sport King Eric

    Looking for a Boonie Bike Gear shifter in good shape

    I need a 2 speed shifter for a Boonie Bike that the plastic is not cracked!
  5. Don Mett

    Wanted , Bonanza Original SEAT, Ruff shape ok

    I need a Used Original seat for Bonanza mini bikes. Ruff/ Good / Any condition OK, Must be Original material ,some tears OK. I can use any of them from the flat/smooth BC500/1000 or the standard BC pleated seat , even the fiberglass base 1500/1510 seats. PM me........ and Let me know what you...
  6. B

    Newbie with a roller frame in good shape!

    Picked this up today, putting a Predator 212cc on it, hence the pictures. Fits it great because the top bars are so widely spaced. It's a fairly large mini bike and has some neat removable handlebars (see pics). Unfortunately, the handlebars are slightly bent/creased, so I may have to make a...
  7. Rupp_It_Up

    1970 Rupp Front Fender -Great Shape

    I have a really nice 1970 Rupp Front Fender with mounting straps. Not show quality, but an excellent fender for your rider. Chrome is in great shape for 45 years old. I'll post pics soon. $75 plus S&H Thanks for looking. Charlie
  8. F

    My FreakinHonda is taking shape

    A few weeks ago, I picked up this old chopped up Honda 50. The previous owner just wanted it gone, so I got it for $50. The welding from the previous owner was less than stellar and the frame was not very rigid. This is what it looked like. Since then, I have re welded all over, added gussets...
  9. markus

    atwood/cecor kickstand modification tab

    I had a fabrication shop custom cut me some tabs/ears to modify oddly oddly shaped and humped kickstands into flat plate ones. while in reality the shape is irrelevant for fitment (they are actually shaped the way they are due because they were just not pressed into a W hump at the factory back...
  10. 2SlickNick

    MTD MudBug score

    Saw this on CL for $200 and could not pass it up. Has an 8hp Tecumseh and body in good shape. Has original stickers on it too. I will post more pics and info later. Mud Bug trike - YouTube
  11. Biodude

    1969 Rupp Roadster in Maine (Near Bangor)

    Mini bike $450.00 In rough shape but looks complete. Even the guard! Great price too.
  12. 125ccCrazy

    ARC billet adjustable flywheel for Briggs 5hp flathead

    excellent shape... adjustable center hub... $85 plus ship
  13. Not so mini bike

    5" Goodyear tires

    Looking for a set of 5" Goodyear tires. Studded tread. Would probably settle for some 5" Carlisle's also. Would like to be nos or at least great shape.
  14. YOOP


    different,first one I've seen,nice shape 70's Exalter Explorer Trike Much Like A Tri Sport or Alsport | eBay
  15. J

    1969 Rupp axle nuts

    Looking for 2 original Rupp axle nuts that I can have re-plated. Hex shape needs to be in really nice shape. Thanks
  16. slywilliez

    1967 Taco 22 / 44 forks

    For sale is a very nice set of 1967 Taco 22/44 forks. They are very straight and and never rewelded. The aluminum ends are in great shape as well. $200 + shipping.
  17. smallbikes88

    Lil Inidan 4 spoke Mag wheels and firestone tires

    These are in great shape, someone painted them silver at one point but I know they can be cleaned up. The tires are firestone kart tires and are in good shape too. I don't need them. There is no brakes or cracks in them. I am looking for 300 plus 25 shipping. Let me know if there is any...
  18. Mark G

    MTD Parts

    Kickstand and frame brackets. Nice shape. $35 bucks shipped. Footpegs with original covers, great shape, will clean up nice. $20 bucks shipped. Parts came off of this bike:
  19. Fatboy04

    What kind of wheels are these ?

    Wondering what these wheels are off of ? Or what kind they are ? Thanks in advance. The front one is in bad shape. Thanks again.
  20. Tom S.

    Brought Home Another Old Motorcycle

    This weekend's find is a 1978 Yamaha DT400. I've wanted one of these for awhile, but wasn't looking too hard It just sort of found me. I haven't run it yet, but the motor turns over, it makes a spark and the whole bike looks to be in pretty good shape. There's no serious damage or deterioration...