Looking For Parts, Need a Positive ID for parts


I am looking to find out what year this mini bike is. I have guessed it to be a 1972 Fox Mini Bike, I am in need of some identification in order to rebuild the bike. Any and all help is appreciated, thank you.



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you are correct '72-73 Fox used the FX 170 sport cycle Name, Dynamark and Grants used the Thunderbolt 170 designation on them. These are the best I have for any catalog/brochure shots in those years unfortunately, maybe something better will come along one day. till then these are better than nothing I guess, best of luck with it!

bike in the center.
There is a Dynamark 170 on E bay now.
I picked up this Dynamark 170... 2 years ago from the Original owner. Very low hours. He didn't remember where his Dad purchased it.

LMK if you need any close up pics.
Place your cursor over the OP's avatar and note the "Last seen" date, he hasn't been back since posting that Dec 1.