mini baja, baja heat, baja warrior front forks

Hi all,

Have noticed that the seal is going bad around the forks and some fluid is leaking out. I am wanting to replace the forks, or at least replace the seal(s). This is present on two of my mini bikes.

I have done a bunch of searching (OldMiniBikes, monster scooter parts, etc) all retailers say the front forks have been discontinued. I also read there was a recall (my bikes dont fall under that) and I am wondering if there are ANY front forks available, or rebuild kits, or anything I can do short of buying a new mini bike to fix the forks that I have.

Solutions? Thoughts?
I found this in an old thread:
The following bikes use the same seal :Suzuki DS80 78-00 ,JR80 01-04 , OR50 79-80 ,RM50 76-80 , Yamaha BW80 86-90 ,MX80 80-82 ,PW80 83-06 , TTR90 00-07 , I went through a lot of research to find these seals . Thank God I wasn't buying new forks to fix a leaking seal that's Bull . Go to Bike bandit .com or any other place since you now have a make , model & year to order.