1. deezildennis

    Glutton for Punishment.... Baja Heat project.

    I Picked this thing up for dirt cheap. It was hour away or so so I bought it and stripped it in their driveway and stuffed it into my car. I wanted a bigger mini bike with cushy tires for my wife and I to cruise our land with and this came up so I snagged it. Has had the stock engine plate...
  2. M

    Baja Heat

    Hey guys i have a Baja Heat Mini-Bike with everything original/stock (Even the Tires!) It still has all of the decals and everything looks good, not great but still good. I am not sure what to price this at but i believe 500 or best offer is reasonable. please contact me with any questions, i...
  3. Possom point

    Baja heat "reconstructed"

    Hey everyone, I have yet another project that I'm starting today. Picked this Baja up last year from CL for $100 near me. I'm going to be putting a hemi 212 on it with the air filter and jet kit, along with a TAV from OldMiniBikes. As you can see someone put the blue greyhound motor on it. So that...
  4. BWL

    Heat Treated Cast Rods?

    I notice that Box Stock motors now come with a T6 heat treated cast rod. Has anyone used these? I know they won;t be as strong as a billet rod, but are they stronger, more durable than the stock rod? Original Box Stock Project 6.5HP OHV (196cc) Engine
  5. Biffmini

    Chrome exhaust heat shield w/clips

    Have three to sell, 7" w/clips $17.00 shipped. Extra clips available!
  6. gran_pann

    mini baja, baja heat, baja warrior front forks

    Hi all, Have noticed that the seal is going bad around the forks and some fluid is leaking out. I am wanting to replace the forks, or at least replace the seal(s). This is present on two of my mini bikes. I have done a bunch of searching (OldMiniBikes, monster scooter parts, etc) all retailers say...
  7. Possom point

    Baja Heat project

    Hey everyone, I picked this up the other day from CL for a good deal!!! $75. Not bad I don't think. Runs but has a few issues with it. At the time of pic I had the seat off and the handle bars turned down Here's my problem, I did a carb job today. Took it completely apart...
  8. myjunk

    Anyone have an exhaust heat shield for a 1970 Rupp?

    Looking for the heat shield that fits the 1970 Rupp enduro and roadster, doesn't have to be show, just useable. Thanks
  9. R

    Any off-the-shelf front brakes for the Baja Heat? Or an upgrade for the rear?

    Now that the go part is working well, I need to think about more whoa. That rear drum is ok for 25mph but I feel it's sketchy at 40mph.:scared: I'm not opposed to buying a parts bike just for the brakes. What should I look for? Thanks!
  10. S

    looking for parts! (puma)(baja heat)

    Okay i have found some websites that have all the parts for a baja heat/warrior but i cant find anythinf thats for my puma bike. I have a few bearings in the front axle clunking so its time for some new ones. Where can i find them? Or are all the parts the same?
  11. Iron Honky

    Nos bonanza heat shield

    Got this on a trade awhile back. Never needed it so hopefully someone else needs it. Asking $75 plus 5 bucks for shipping
  12. S

    Baja Heat shock oil change

    Hey guys title says it all. My socks are becoming a little weak and iv been told changing the oil makes a world of difference. What oil should i use and how is it done?? Thanks!!
  13. B

    2 baja heat motor parts

    both engines are seized up. My boy wants to part these both out to help fund torque converters. everything off the engines including gas tanks lighting coil and flywheels minus both recoil starters. All reasonable offers accepted
  14. machinebike

    Baja Heat biggest tire size?

    Does anyone know the biggest tire size that will work on the rims and frame of a Baja Heat/warrior minibike?
  15. J

    Painting engine block

    Hey guys, i want to paint my gx200 block and i want to use duplicolor satin black engine enamel on the actual block and Dupli-Color Metalcast Aerosol Paint Enamel, Orange Anodised, 311g for my head. should these hold up against the motor heat of the motor? they are both rated to 500 degrees...
  16. wickedest1

    hello from connecticut

    Hey all, new to the forum, and to minibikes. Not new to motorized toys... I'm into building motor bikes, motor wagons... Anything i can afford to... Just picked up a baja heat. Looking to learn what type of motor it is and easy , cheap upgrades...
  17. R

    Wanted 10`` rim

    for front of Baja heat.....
  18. R

    Baja heat rake

    dose anyone know the rake of a Baja mb200 frame ?
  19. K

    exhaust modification

    i need to dent my exhaust in so i can tighten 1 of the exhaust bolts. but i dont own a torch. can heat it in a fire pit full of coals. please help
  20. Fatboy04

    97 cc baja

    i'm installing a 97 CC Baja on a Cat 250 I think and need to turn the clutch around. I removed the snap ring, but it looks like the bolt is broken off. I have the clutch off but can't get the rest off the bolt. Tried heat. Now I have nothing left to grab on to. What's next (drill and tap)