Murray Track 2 Predator conversion

Completed our Murray Track2 Predator 212 conversion. Thought I'd post up a link to a short video I took so folks could hear and see it run.
This conversion was pretty straightforward and turned this minibike into and absolute torque monster. Getting thrown off this thing is not fun. If you do this swap, do not make that maiden voyage without a helmet (and no I didn't do that either).
There is a small hill or grade that in the past I'd need a running start on to get up it with the anemic 3.5 HP stock motor. With the Predator I can stop on the hill and then go but have to sit on the frame to prevent getting thown off the bike.
Used advice and info from this site. You can find my thread about the exhaust header which was the toughest part to figure out. Use the advice out there on the air filter and carb rejetting. I used a basic clutch.
Before and after pics:



Quick video:
Have you considered changing to a Tav?
If he does that, it will really surprise him.

Putting a TAV on my Hemi Baja surprised me, I bent the rear fender when it stood up on me & scraped the ground. Header, Etube & jets, and new filter/adapter will be here Thursday, thanks to black Friday weekend!
Its much more enjoyable at low speed, but torque is just a twist away. Top speed is around 40 now, compared to 25 or so. Pulls hard like my Recon 250 in 2nd gear!
Yeah, I read up on the TAV. At this point, going to leave it as is. We don't really have anyplace to ride other than around the yard. This works for our current needs and usage, and I don't want to put anymore time and $ into it right now (and I know the TAV is not expensive). Maybe in the future.

Hopefully the video link worked for anyone interested.