1. T

    Vintage Murray Minibike

    Vintage Murray Minibike On Ebay
  2. chipper

    Murray Forks

    Perfect condition , includes fender , key switch and key , $60 plus shipping ! See next post for pic , lol
  3. C

    WTS: Murray Mini Bike For Sale $200

    Murray Mini Bike For Sale $200 I am selling off some of my project bikes. I have this Murray Mini Bike comes with what it shows. Bought it several years ago. I have fixed a few issues but I don't have the time to finish. It has new holes shot tires. New bearings in fork. I do not wish to...
  4. C

    Murray Mini Bike Replacement Carb

    I have a Murray mini bike which I would like to replace the carb on. It has the factory 3.5 Tecumseh Motor. Can anyone give me the part number of the carburetor I cannot find any info on the actual motor. I want to get it running before I sell it.
  5. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    Looking for Murray stock tires?:confused: Anyone have some they want to unload?
  6. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    New to forums too, Anybody know where the tutorial is on how to use?:doah:
  7. G

    Murray Track 2 Engine Swap

    I have a Murray Track 2 that I am going to swap the engine on. I am swapping it with a Honda GC160 5hp engine. It came from a pressure washer. I am thinking of getting a new max torque clutch. Is there anything else I need to buy along with the new clutch? Does anyone know if the 3.5hp...
  8. R

    New to Me Murray Track 2 Questions

    I picked up an almost like new Murray Track 2 today. Paint tires etc. are excellent. It shows a manufacturing date of 01043 and the tires are stamped 0048. This makes the tires the 48th week of 2000 and the bike 43rd week of 2001? The Tecumseh is an H35 45776Y. So far I've increased the idle...
  9. S

    How to remove forks from a Murray?

    Finally getting to tearing apart my murray to repaint, how do i remove the front forks? Seems like the pivot tube was welded in durning assembly. Wanting to take it to the blaster to have it stripped. Also looking for a source for some parts to it, needing the upper fork nut for starters...
  10. B

    murray track 2 parts for sale

    ill work on prices if you need just one part have a set of wheels with tires both have new valve stems new bearings rear has 60 tooth sprocket both hold air no leaks have a frame needs to be welded and down tube needs a patch as far as paint on the frame ide say multi color/painted with dead...
  11. Scraped Murray

    Scraped Murray

    Rescued Murray Track 2 from the scrap pile. Before and after PICs.
  12. S

    Tecumseh 3.5 hp and Murray Track 2 Torque Converter

    I just bought a Murray Track 2 with a Tecumseh 3.5 hp. I think the clutch is going out on it because it will barely climb small inclines. Instead of buying another I was considering one of the cheap Tav2 knockoff converters off ebay. But am curious if its a direct fit on the engine and is...
  13. S

    Murray Track 2 worth $100?

    A buddy of mine has one in great shape. I don't know much about mini bikes and didn't realize this was a 10+ year old bike. His looks great for its age. Said it wasn't used much. He priced it to me for $100 which at the time I thought was a good deal until I found out the age online and that it...
  14. Possom point

    "WTB" murray track 2 mini racer

    Looking to buy a Murray track 2 mini racer, I would like to get the whole bike, with or without motor. thanks located in Richmond Va
  15. M

    WTB Murray track 2 fork nut

    Looking for a Murray top fork nut lmk Thanks Mike
  16. J

    Murray Track 2 Predator conversion

    Completed our Murray Track2 Predator 212 conversion. Thought I'd post up a link to a short video I took so folks could hear and see it run. This conversion was pretty straightforward and turned this minibike into and absolute torque monster. Getting thrown off this thing is not fun. If you do...
  17. T

    Murray track 2

    Just picked this up for my "son" lol. Any simple tips, tricks, mods for this bike Tecumseh H35
  18. T

    Tecumseh H35 Murray track 2

    I'm redoing the fuel line on my Murray track 2 mini bike and was wondering if there was any good or bad to the routing of the fuel line so close the engine. Tecumseh H35
  19. Go_Mizzou99

    Clutch issue on my kids old Murray Track 2 minibikes

    New to this site/forum. I have two (2) Murray Track 2 minibikes that I bought for my sons in 2001 or 2002 from Walmart. They have been through hell and back and are sitting in my garage. Both run, but not well. Probably should replace the 13 or 14 year old plugs, plug wires, and clean the...
  20. E

    New Here, New Project: Murray Mini Bike

    I'm new here, and wanted to share my current project. I recently snagged a running, but rough Murray Mini bike off of Craigslist for $100. My plan is to fully tear it down and rebuild the bike up to something a bit better. Here is what I snagged: I pulled the motor and...