MW-CESTAD big wheel trike progress.

Fine tuning this project now.

The original HM80 runs great and had the 7 amp lighting set up on it.
I wanted electric start SOOOOO, put in a brand new 11HP Tecumseh,
retro fitted the flywheel and 7 amp set to it and added a starter and battery.

Its got a switch panel on the front fork for starter button, power, lighting, etc.
Output from the alternator charges battery.
The seat is original with a cover to protect it. The rubber mudflap is original to the trike.
IT was owned by a farmer that used it to inspect fields. So, it wasn't all busted up by kids over
the years.
The tires were pricey! 21-8 in front. 22-8s in back.
Very torquey and powerful off road.


Man...what a beast..!

I bet that is a blast...and electric start too...! Enjoy it...:thumbsup:

oh well...double post..haven't done that in a while.....:shrug:...:anon.sml:...

That thing got me all shook up....:laugh:
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Thanks , Robert c

It is a blast, but you have to pay strict attention on various terrains when executing turns!
It'll torque steer a bit if you are on the throttle while in the turn.....
Judicious use of the independent left/right brakes helps "aim" the
Machine in looser terrain.
Cant wait for the first big snow here . CESTAD offered a ski attachment back in the day.

Wish I could find one of those.