Need help selling parts


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I am Sharon. My brother, Kris, was a senior member of your forum under the ID of Mybiz. Kris passed away in Feb. He left his siblings a lot of mini bike frames and parts. He had told me he had all the parts to complete the bikes. We would like to find some one interested in buying everything in one lot. I cannot guarantee all the parts are here. I believe there are 9 frames. Everything is in Winfield, Kansas. We really need someone to get us an idea of the value of everything to even begin to ask a price.Thank you for any help you can give me.
sorry to here that Sharon.

maybe there's a member close to you that could come over and help ya out giving you some kinda values

I'm deeply sorry for the loos of your brother. I sent you a PM with my phone number. If I can help you with any values over the phone, I'd be glad to.

Warm Regards,
Sad news, you may not know it, but I remember him to be a real asset to the board, very helpful, enthusiastic, etc about the hobby. Would have been nice to have known him in real life.