New guy with some questions

Hey all,

Newbie here!!! so just my second post, in need of some answers again. Something seems to be locking up on my Colemanbt200x when I let go of the throttle. It brakes itself to almost a stop, not in a jolting kinda way, more like a slow self brake, like a car going down a hill in a low gear. Feels like its coming from the front the way the bike responds (if that makes any sense). This is also after I've put the stage 1 performance kit from gopowersports on her.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, just wanting to learn and this seems to be the place!


desert rat

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Give this a shot, oil the wheel bearings and check that they are not "chunky" sounding. If they are its time to replace them. If you have to replace go with the up graded sealed ones. Make sure there is a spacer "tube" in side between the bearings, if not you will over tighten them. Next oil your chain. Along with the oiling of the chain check the chain adjustment . If it is too tight it will bind. I use 30 wt synthetic motor oil, do not use WD-40. Its not a lubricant. If you oil everything right after you ride, while its hot, as it cools it will pull oil in. Jack shaft the same if you have one.
Next service the clutch.
Good luck let us know if this helps