New here... Street legal Coleman 200

Figured I'd join up, seeing as I need some advise anyways.

Picked up a coleman 200 from walmart on black friday for $400, ok price for what it is...

I basically got it for LEO use while working at the bigger events, shows and races, where a golf cart just doesn't fit through man gates or traffic, and I'm tired of walking 10 miles a day or chasing people down.

I painted it black, added the basic bs, all led lights (hi lo) brakes, turns, running, horn, mirrors. Added red/blue led's, front rears are whelen 400's, Stl 180's, and white stl z4 linears on the sides.

I would like to bump the speed up closer to 40mph, so If anyone has any insight on what sprockets to get and where to get them, it would be much appreciated.

Here's a short video in a cluttered basement (its not my basement ) while I was still wiring everything in. Sorry, its a little grainy, the lights were messing with the focus pretty bad.

BTW. Whatever admin thought it would be funny to censor basic words <^> '_' <^> not cool....

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It's how the darn site is set up, I was frustrated to giving up when I first started. You need 5 or more posts before things settle down and it works.

Anywho, dig the lights. Funny I saw a sign today for the interstate, no hitchhiking, no bicycles, or motorcycles less then 5 hp.
Even though mine is 6 1/2 HP, the last place you would find me is on the interstate where the speed limit is 70, and if you go that speed you'll get run over in the slow lane.
EKTrippen ... you said "Street Legal" ... moped license? Motorcycle plate?
In Mich I have my 2 Hilltoppers registered as mopeds ... they had to have front brakes ... does yours have a front brake?
Welcome to OldMiniBikes and no moderators have messed with your post. It just works that way until you make 5 post. I am surprised you got the video to load on your first post.

Are you a LEO or are you Security somewhere???

And instead of all the fancy typing you just need this>>> :thefinger:

So lets get to it...Torque converters are nice if you want/need low end power and top speed and ride for hours or on hilly terrain .I myself have no need riding the flats doing 30 to 60 minute blasts around prefering keeping it simple mostly straight from clutch to rear sprocket.You can go with higher gears on your existing jackshaft if rides are short and don't want/need to spend alot or get a pmr jacksaft upgrade that is better than existing one you have..all can be googled or discussed in tech section of forum or if someone has a more input
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So please enlighten use as to how to get a Motorcycle plate on a vehicle that doesn't qualify for highway use. You would need DOT approved tires, turn signals and a few other things in order to qualify I would think. A motorcycle tag would mean that you could run on the interstate or any other road of your choosing. I would love to know how to tag one of mine because it would be nice to have for the short trips around the area that I make a lot of. It would be a lot faster than my street legal Golf Cart that's for sure.

Are you a LEO? Just curious.


We get a few posts a year on this forum with guys real anxious to get their bike "street legal" They post some questions, receive their answers, then always state that they will report back with their progress and results, which they never do. I have yet to read about anyone ever being successful doing this, except for Kevin (Sixpac440).
Here in arkansas if its got a 50cc or less engine and doesn't go over 25 mph (I think) it's legal without tags.

I'm crazy and ride my bicycle on some side roads but there is no way I'd get out on a major road with a 50cc limited to 25 mph.
took about 3 months of going back and forth with hsun corperste in china and state bmv. They were very nice and helpful , had to start out with getting a MCO. walmart is not a licensed dealer... so i had to goto manufacturer. Took a few trys with bmv to get the mco correct to just register it.
In the end we had to put our agency as the user/ dealer on mco to get past license required by state. Its ohio, theyre kinda strict.
It barely passes height requirments for motorcycle.....
Then had to fill out affidavit that the vehicle was equipped with everything needed to be street legal. (This means if you get stopped without proper equipment, you will be inpounded at car rates, and not be able to leave impound without tow to house. beware. )
Also had to have the receipt from walmart showing taxes paid.
once it was registered i was able to get plates, but was at commercial rate because not personal vehicle.

It wasnt hard, just alot of slow hoops to hurdle. Next one I get will prob only take a month since we now have that figured out lol.
So what did you do for DOT street legal tires? I need some good street tires for my 8 inch rims. The factory tires don't last long at all on the street.
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So it's an APV ? Or the Bureau of Motor Vehicles took your word for the Title, affidavit and MCO then let you register and plate it for off road only? Thanks, really curious. I know that would never fly in NY, lol