Old Trailhorse left for dead

I picked up this pretty crusty 69 Trailhorse gto 110 last week. I saw potential in it. I brought it home and gave it some love. Everything was pretty much seized up except the original h25 motor. The kickstand, foot pegs and wheels all needed some soaking. Everything works great now including the brake. The tires were completely flat. They all surprisingly hold air. I also reworked the fenders into shape. Next up Is to get the motor going. I might through a 2hp briggs on it for now as I have a running one on a shelf. This Is going to be my 7 year old sons first bike. Here are some before and after shots. Who says you can't beat a dead horse:laugh:
20170707_162540.jpg 20170707_162526.jpg 20170707_162511.jpg 20170710_153118.jpg 20170710_153101.jpg
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Here is mine...it was too far gone to leave as is.. I wish mine looked like that when I got it, I would have left it like yours! Nice find :thumbsup:

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