Hi please can any one help i have a UK made mini bike/scouter manufactured by K>R>WIGLEY&C)>LTD IN LEATHERHEAD SURREY ENGLAND MODEL 105 b3 if any one can give me any info on this mini bike it would help
diamond lee
sorry this is in the wrong place how do i move it to (what is it)
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First off Welcome to OldMiniBikes

Man thats a nice looking ride that would be cool to restore and ride:thumbsup: . Can I get more pictures of it as I would like to clone it for my personal use . You dont see many cool old bikes like that around here in the states .

People should see it for the beauty it is no matter what section it is in Thanks for posting
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I am not much of a authority on mini bikes. But that is the first one of these I have seen. There have been a couple of bikes on here that nobody can find any info on. I think this one might be another. I would check around over there, might find a hot rod board to post it or an old bicycle board. Lot of those guys are into mini bikes.
Hi All i will put more photos on as soon as im able to take some
thank,s for all your input so far .all i can add is it was not a one off as the parts used
are so good and would have cost a lot of money back in the day
Old mini bike made in the uk

Hi i have an old mini bike made in the uk by k.r wigley&co.ltd
engineers leatherhead surrey england
i am posting to ask for help in finding out if any one on this fourm
has seen one like this before .or can help with any info
i posted on usa vintage befor by mistake sorry
best regards
HI All
i may have been right to put it on the USA vintage after all it might
be a (TROJAN TROBIKE/SCOOTER) the motor came from the USA :001_tt2:
but any help you can still give maybe a photo ?
the engine was a (clintons) made in the USA i think so any one got a motor:laugh:
it was made by the same people that made the bubble car and lambretter scooter
if you look up trojan trobike i have much more info now and that they made a mini
scooter but as yet no photo
hope to hear from the trojan car club soon i will post a photo if they have one
regards russ:scooter:
Minibikes were a Cottage Industry and many come off looking homemade, many were hand built and some better than others. I see some solid engineering there and the engine mount lends itself to an odd mill powering it. I think it is what you beleive it to be diamond lee, I cannot wait till you hear back from the club. I like the unusual and anything art deco in styling qualifies as that. I plan to build a series of square tube bikes like the old HoundDog and HotDog minibikes once I'm through my projects. I may stop to build a prototype now that I found a stick of 1" square tubing out back, it's 20ft. long so it will do. Some squared swoopy pontoon fenders on my 1st one would be sweet. I love this bike of yours and commented on it in the freak bike thread, yeah it's in there.:laugh: