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I am Sharon. My brother, Kris, was a senior member of your forum under the ID of Mybiz. Kris passed away in Feb. He left his siblings a lot of mini bike frames and parts. He had told me he had all the parts to complete the bikes. We would like to find some one interested in buying everything in one lot. I cannot guarantee all the parts are here. I believe there are 9 frames. Everything is in Winfield, Kansas. We really need someone to get us an idea of the value of everything to even begin to ask a price.Thank you for any help you can give me.


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Hi Sharon,

My condolences for your loss. There are some fine folks on this forum, I'm sure someone near you will step up & help out.
Sorry to here about your loss. I remember reading all of his posts. Hopefully somebody near your location can help you out. We really don't give "values" on the site, but maybe somebody will send you a PM, (private message) and try to give you a hand.
i just found out about Kris i have talked with him since 2009 always had a answer for all my dumb questions i ask him i well greatly miss him. he was my buddy.
i know kris had a very nice collection of bikes and parts he ways all the time scanning ebay for hard to find parts . i bet sharon found a lot of boxes from ebay load with parts if i can help in any way just ask
Shoran hear is a photo of the bonanza chopper that i sent him you have it in one of your photos you can find all of the parts in his shop and set it with that bike it a very desirable minibike
Sharon I can only offer my deep condolences for your loss. Kris was a great guy and we shared a lot of e-mails, and I did a satellite search down roads to where Kris lived and he was a very helpful for many people on this forum.
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I talked and shared pictures with Kris several times he will be greatly missed RIP my friend. I'm sorry for your family's loss Sharon.
Sorry for your loss. I wish I could help but I have no idea what everything is. I would suggest face timing someone that knows a lot more than me and write down what he says it is. After that I would list it on ebay. You will get what it's worth on ebay. Whatever you do do not sell it at a swap meet or a estate sale.