Powdercoating and water slide decals??

Okay, here is the first of many questions I will be asking :smile:

I have a 1976 Indian M5A I am starting to restore. Although I'm a ways off from painting, I want to get all the info I need so I'm not stuck waiting when the time comes. I picked out my powdercoat color for the tank and fenders (Eastwood's Hotcoat Metallic Blue to match my car, haha), and I bought some water slide decals. I am wondering how I should go about putting the decals on. From what I read, people say the powdercoat is not a smooth surface and that decals won't stick to it well. This color is a "high gloss" color, so does that make a difference? Should I have it sprayed with automotive clearcoat after powdercoating to make it smooth for the decal? If I do this, should I have another few layers of clearcoat sprayed over the decals to protect them?

Is clearcoat powdercoating also "rough" or is it smooth unlike the colors?

Thanks a bunch!
I use PC on all my resto's and it comes out as smooth as paint, no issues there. The PC place should clear it for you anyway. I've never had an issue with decals and PC...like I mentioned, it's super smooth. Good luck!
I plan on doing the powdercoating myself, so there will be no shop to clear it over for me unless i need an automotive clearcoat sprayed on. Good to hear it comes out smooth.

Txpowdercoater, I'll shoot you a PM regarding the powders.