1. 6doggie3

    Water in a Motor

    I got a little water in a motor when I was cleaning it! Should I pull the cover off to clean it out. OR Is there something I can pour in the lower crankcase and slosh it around to clean the inside?
  2. Taco Loco Joe

    Briggs motor off a water pump Doable ?

    I can get a Homelite water pump with a Briggs 3 Horse on it but is the Shaft notched for a key way ? If not what are my options? I got a machinist at work. Thanks and this motor is NOS!
  3. 1962 Water Mouse Hydro Kart

    1962 Water Mouse Hydro Kart

  4. TeamCheap

    california drought......how bad is it really ?

    I wonder what a pallet of water is worth in California these days or a tanker full of water? does a gallon of water cost more than a gallon of gas ? I see pictures of lakes dried up and read about water wars and communities that will have their water shut off rendering their homes worthless...
  5. ArcticMinibike

    Buyer Beware - Arctic Cat SSSCAT-II and Other Materials

    I noticed a listing on eBay for an Arctic Cat SSSCAT-II owners manual. Looked like a decent deal but I read some of the sellers negative feedback that said he was selling water damaged stuff. I can't tell from this picture if it is damaged, or if this picture is the actual item you would...
  6. JohnnyTillotson


    I was searching around and found a three year old thread on decals that were being sold by Minibikepaul. I see he hasn't been on in a few years. Does anyone know if he still makes these and how one would reach him? They were water transfer and priced very well. Looked gorgeous. I is...
  7. markus

    90mph water resistant 212cc engine!!!!

    whoo hoo!!! but you have to be an experienced mechanic to buy :laugh: *FOR EXPERIENCED MECHANICS ONLY* Mini bike for sale new engine 212cc
  8. butch63

    water pipe exhaust

    i've seen engines with water pipe elbows to redirect exhaust, is this a no-no? threads the same? ghetto is ok with me if it will work:laugh:
  9. WrenchDad

    Any plumbing /electrician or water heater experts.

    Looking for some electric hot water heater help. The problem started Monday morning -luke warm water. (tank is aprox. 15 years old) two element 5500 wqtt 240 V. I figured it was an element (reset was not tripped) so Monday evening I shut the breaker off and drained the tank, got two...
  10. Peekster

    Air comp water trap

    Just wondering what you people are using for water traps on your compressors. I have a IR 80gal like yoops new one and cant seem to get rid of the water out of the lines. I drain the tank and lines all the time. I was thinking about building a dryer in the main line, any thoughts. Thanks Peekster.
  11. H

    Honda FL 250 Water Cooled Head

    Is anyone familiar with these aftermarket heads? I ordered one and it has 8 holes in the head and the stock honda odyessy has seven will the last hole just be covered by the gasket or a I looking at getting it welded and machined? Any help is greatly appreiciated in advance
  12. minibikedude

    Old school solo water sking machine

    I took a picture of this at the Portland show this last weekend. It's neat, I never seen one before, It has a small out board motor in it, It was last registered in Michigan in 74 if I remember right by the water craft decal on hood. Not sure of the maker. But cool. Sorry I didn't get more...
  13. R67

    Engine water transfer decal video

    Made a video of how to install the water transfer I got from MiniBike Paul. Hope you like it. ZuBToj66FI0
  14. J

    Powdercoating and water slide decals??

    Okay, here is the first of many questions I will be asking :smile: I have a 1976 Indian M5A I am starting to restore. Although I'm a ways off from painting, I want to get all the info I need so I'm not stuck waiting when the time comes. I picked out my powdercoat color for the tank and...
  15. bayareaburrito

    SAAPE Water Transfer Decal

    You DO NOT have to own a Trans Dapt SAAPE Pit Bike or have an every day run of the mill Powell Challenger to own this beautiful decal!! :laugh: I had this made for my Trans Dapt SAAPE Pit Bike (but you can add this to your decal collection, attach to your tool box, put on your vintage...
  16. M

    Skat Kitty Water Transfer Decals

    WATER DECALS - these are the real deal, like fifty years ago; water-transfer decals - very thin and transparent, designs are a combination of printing on the decal and the paint color showing through where there is no printing. The decal is glued to a backing paper; first you put the decal into...
  17. codretaw1

    water doc

    where is the show and swap on sat 7\24\10
  18. codretaw1

    water doc

    hey every one new to this site looks way cool
  19. korndog

    Stainless Water Bottle Gas Tanks

    Like to see some setups using stainless bicycle jugs or similar for fuel tank. How are you guys attaching the fittings, venting, etc? Olbriggs? Thanks KD Stainless : Welcome to New Wave Enviro Products
  20. james c

    oil well has caught fire under water

    PBS NewsHour Stream- Oil Spill Live Stream, Ustream.TV: A live stream from @BP America, via the @PBS @NewsHour of efforts to contain the Gulf Coast #OilSpi... tell me that aint on fire!