Powell 7 HP


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The bike looks like it would be a nice canidate for a restoration....someone will snag it up...income tax time is here..

Any of you ever read a book when you were a kid called "The Minibike Challenge"? The main character gets a 4hp Powell, I think it was a lot like the one in Rockwall's profile pic.

That was my favorite book as a kid.
I remember the book, I think thats the book that got me into minibikes as a kid....Don't remember much about the storyline now but it was fun reading as a kid..
I've still got the Powell. If I don't hear from some of the oldminibike insiders, I'm gonna run it on eBay. Any takers from here? I travel all over Texas, so if you are patient, I might be able to drop it off somewhere for you, or meet you somewhere. I do Dallas, San Angelo, Houston occasionally, Abilene, San Antonio, etc...
Hello is this bike still for sale?

Would you consider selling it as a roller with just the driver components
I got a 10hp tech i would love to drop in there