predator or stock engine build, baja warrior

I know this question has been asked a lot but I have a baja warrior. The original motor was blown when I got it so harbor freight had a deal on the predator engine. I only put only an hour on it and now winter has come I wanna fix it up. The motors are similar so the original motor broke the connecting rod but didn't harm the cylinder wall only damaged the crank. Should I build the original or the predator. And what's the best parts that will make it bomb proof for performance and durability. And what kit is the best to change the chain clutch to a belt. Thankyou.


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It does but I was reading that to get a bilit flywheel if stepping up on the hp and rpms. I could modify to a battery light. It doesn't really matter.
For getting rid of the clutch, I used a GoPowerSports tav-2 clone. Just over $100 shipped(Amazon) before Thanksgiving.

With the Hilliard clutch, it was a chattering dog on trails & the clutch gets HOT!. With the tav-2, slow to medium speed is smooth & full power was scary the first time I cranked it, now it's a wheelie machine from a dead stop or slow roll. Top speed felt like it doubled(didn't), but felt like it, it just accelerated alot more quickly.