rupp ruppster

james c

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how rare are the ruppsters?
i bought something just like one except the motor mounts up regular because
there is no differential that they would have used on the rupp. body is a two seater with steering wheel on the driver side its orange like some rupps,
frame is probably homemade as its square tubing, live axel 8 hp disc brake
salsbury torque converter. ill have pics soon as it stops raining


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The tires are balloon type, like what came on early scramblers, and some fat tire bikes. Rims are moulded right into tires, with a 3 lug mounting system.
Hi James. What you have is called "The Flea" . Designed by Autodynamics Corp of America for American Pride Products Inc out of Madison Heights MI. I've been searching for one for about 8yrs when I got this original brochure for one. It's a 2 sided sheet with not much info, just a lot of pics and a description of what it can do. $696 price. No date but I would say 60's and not 70's.There was one in MI last year on eBay. It didn't sell for it's $150 starting bid and was too far for me to go get it. Yours is awesome. I would love to have it.
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james c

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you guys have no idea how much i appreciate your help!!!!
ive read every post for the last year in all detail, ive gone way back before i was a member and searched threads about three wheelers and buggies!!!
when you get the bug you got the bug~! i love the bikes but the threes and bugs are even more fun!! i spend 100 hours a week on this site searching out our old past. please keep up the good work.

james c

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i need to find a wheel hub for the front spindle, 1" od x 3 1/2 " length (has hole taped into end of the spindle. i think ill have to take off the other side to see what they used for bearings. either 4 bolt pattern id have to buy two. or 3 bolt pattern and buy one and then buy the conversion to four bolt for both front and the rears. those wheels on it now are trashed.
There was one for sale last year a couple towns over from me I never looked at it though he wanted 1,500 for it ,, the guy was a little high on his price for condition but here it is I saved the pics of it