rupp swing arm pivot bushing help!!

I am in the process of cleaning up my original 69 sprint. When I removed the swing arm I noticed that the pivot bushing is froze to the swing arm. This does not seem right to me. Isn't it supposed to stay anchored in place by the end bolts so the swing arm can move up and down??? Someone please school me.
i had a rupp swing arm that was put in a 20 ton press and the bushing didnt budge! basically put some bolts in it with lots of lock tight, dont tighten them too hard
I am amazed at this!! The condition of the paint is almost perfect. Usually when I have something rusted so solid that it will not move, the whole part is rusty. Were these too tight to begin with? Maybe it never was working correctly and it never was free inside there since day one. I have it soaking right now. I am not too excited to put it on the press, I was warned that they can bend easily.