Sensation "mike-bike"


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who knows where all the pictures went. they where here last week. ever since this web site revamped again a lot pictures and threads tend to disappear. I can't really bitch about it because I don't pay a members fee,but for the guys that do. I would be pissed off seeing your hard-earned money going to waste. I could pull them up and repost them ,but they won't match the threads. I think in my case it's something to do with photobucket why my pictures may have disappeared.
thanks Brian, you are a master builder as well as hardcore motor guru and drag-racer in my book.
(The low miles Wildcat reminds me of the '67 Electra 225 my dad/family thought a lot of.)
I think some of us must have the mini bike gene in our chromosomes.

It's been fun reading about your Sensation Mike Bike. Thanks for putting this information up here.

I had a 3HP Sensation of the same vintage as yours. I lived near Ralston, NE, and I was able to select it on the showroom floor at the Sensation factory. It was orange with black wheels--the only one I've ever seen with those colors. I paid $100 of paper route money for it.

Recently I found a 3HP of similar vintage, and it still runs, but needs work. Problem is, it has a blower housing from a random vertical engine. Therefore it has the wrong model/type/code number on it. I'd like to see what engine parts I can get for this engine to get it in tip top shape.

So, I have a question. Would you mind posting your engine's Model and Type numbers here so I can get in the ballpark with finding parts?

Some of the linkages are funky and don't really seem to belong there. There's a few other things that aren't quite right as well.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks


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sorry Oliver_Douglas bike is in storage(no pic's). the date code on my engine is 1969
here is a price sheet. date coded 2-10-70
I would think any 3hp briggs date coded very late 60's to early 70's would make the engine more vintage correct. sorry I really can't give you better answer when this bike was started and ended. only a pall bark. can tell you I have only seen to this date, two different bikes with a rear rack on them. my bike and one other bike. kind of a rare thing to find.

pickup this nice little gem last year at a swapmeet and desided to go ahead and completly restore it with all options. the bike rack,bicycle light kit with battery box. at one time this bike had everything on it. you can still see the markings where the battery box was mounted and the headlight bracket mounted to the top of the tripple tree plate...:thumbsup:

found some real nice color still under the handle grips.....:thumbsup: and got a real good color match for the bike.......:scooter:
running little behind on posting my project.:doah:
finish up on making a new sprocket and a extra sprocket too awhile ago for my bike. the orginal sprocket was just worn out and no one makes it for that bike/bolt pattern.
nothing worse then going to chuck up a blank sprocket and finding out my jaws where just little to small.....:doah: man i really wanted to get this hole knock out and not go running around on a sunday trying to get one of my buddys to do it.

man did i jerry rigged this with couple large hose clamps and three machine out aluminum blocks......:laugh:and it needs to fit over the hub on the rim,so it centers the sprocket.

crazy thing is it came out center.....:rolleyes:

Hi Delray. I am in the process of trying to find this bike for my husband who purchased one in 1967. In the process of researching his bike, identifying it and now trying to secure one, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Rogers who the bike was named after. I've been writing a first draft of the information that he has provided me and sent him some photos just today to get more information and once the draft is approved I will post it here. But in the meantime after seeing your bike, I just had to write because Mike's first bike was this color, the same as the mowers made at his father's company. Mike doesn't have his bike and so now I am going to try and find one for him as well so if you ever put the bike up for sale, please let me know as I think it would be wonderful if the young boy who inspired this bike had one in his possession again. There are two different frames and I am waiting to see which one he had (it might be the one in which is sister is riding in the ad which is different) but I just had to write when I saw the color because it was the original color used for the first Mike Bike. If I am able to find one I would also appreciate your experience and wisdom in restoring yours. It's beautiful!