Sensation "mike-bike"

pickup this nice little gem last year at a swapmeet and desided to go ahead and completly restore it with all options. the bike rack,bicycle light kit with battery box. at one time this bike had everything on it. you can still see the markings where the battery box was mounted and the headlight bracket mounted to the top of the tripple tree plate...:thumbsup:

found some real nice color still under the handle grips.....:thumbsup: and got a real good color match for the bike.......:scooter:
running little behind on posting my project.:doah:
finish up on making a new sprocket and a extra sprocket too awhile ago for my bike. the orginal sprocket was just worn out and no one makes it for that bike/bolt pattern.
nothing worse then going to chuck up a blank sprocket and finding out my jaws where just little to small.....:doah: man i really wanted to get this hole knock out and not go running around on a sunday trying to get one of my buddys to do it.

man did i jerry rigged this with couple large hose clamps and three machine out aluminum blocks......:laugh:and it needs to fit over the hub on the rim,so it centers the sprocket.

crazy thing is it came out center.....:rolleyes:

sand blast the frame last week and sealed the bare metal with a Self-Etching primer. next i will go over it with a primer fill build to get the frame nice and smooth.

before i get carried away with my primer build material. i had to fix the high speed front forks from the kid that crash it 20+ years ago..:laugh:

getting closer

had to reset the height to get the correct amount of leverage with the press.....

little more tweaking on the front tubes and done...:thumbsup:
one thing i notes after getting into restoring this bike was that the front and rear fenders are different. the rear fender doesn't fit so good....:eek:ut:
you can see it also in the brochure picture and one of the OldMiniBikes photo pictures.

not sure why they would of use two different style fenders for the bike....:eek:ut: looks to be there trade mark...:shrug: so i will keep it like that...:doah: front fender fits good,,:rolleyes:
something else i found out after taking the rims apart. looks to be a front rim and a back rim. the back rims have a step in the center hub for the sprocket and the front is flat across.