"Someting Wong" modifying a Baja Warrior

Thanks Randi and Dan!! I never liked the way the back end was so low to the ground, not good for taller people! It now has 9.5 inches of ground clearance and feels much better now. I will get some pictures of the motor in the frame tomorrow.
First ones free! Any more name infringements I will have to charge you royalties. Lol
Have a call in to my lawyer ……… but it seems without "bike" tagged on the end its a quote that is still up for grabs. LOL
BTW Got lucky I think and may have found a rear swing arm for the Bonanza! …… moving right along ….

Sorry for sabotaging thread. Back to Owens Baja lift kit.
After seeing the ease of the upgrade (well … for some) and the finished product I am sure this upgrade will be replicated nationwide.
I hear Owen is going to be marketing the Baja,Heat… frame upgrade kit on OldMiniBikes!

Ohhh I get it now, you raised the back end. I thought you were giving a pictorial of all the things screwed up with what must surely be flawed manufacturing process:doah:It worked too! Before I realized, I was already thinking what a freakin low, bugly piece a shit, I would never ride/buy/sell/build slave trade junk like that, it's good they're nuts are getting sued by the feds....gave me a little mini rant in my head, which some spilled out here:eek:ut: I was gonna just thank you for providing expert information and warnings but it ends up I guess being a mod/build thread.

Oops! Don't worry, nothing wong with me:laugh::laugh::laugh: I admire good ingenuity and good welding. Both present here:thumbsup:
I need some help with trying to fit a bigger, more aggressive 8 inch tire on the rear. The rear is..19x7.00x8 and I have another 1 1/2 to work with between the swingarm. Thanks for the help!
Got back to working on the pile today. Got a used kickstand off a Kawasaki KE 175, fit perfectly! Started to remove the rear frame section and.. used up my last cut off wheel:censure: I was just at the hardware store today and bought some sanding discs. Found some Honda tanks to use on the "Wong" and it looks like the smaller blue one will fit better with the seat I have planned. Time to sell the gold one.


Owend I don't see the GC style engines used for "Fun" much. I thought those were work horse engines for Waterpumps, Generators & Pressure washers. I have one on my Pressure washer and it Never fails to crank. Good gas or bad gas it just runs.
Yours looks good in the frame.