Southbound tire on a North bound Baja.

The rear tire on my Baja is going south, and driving North doesn't help.

The Knobs are actually starting to separate from the tire. It almost looks like someone cut around them with an exacto knife. At first I thought a few goat heads were causing a slow leak,so I threw in a can of fix a flat.
That worked for about a week.
Then The wife came home with a jug of slime. I put in required amount, and went for a drive. Upon returning, I saw the slime leaking out around the base of a knob.

This tire has maybe 100 mi on it, lots of tread left.

Yesterday I pulled the tire off to see about putting in a patch.
There's a whole bunch of threads that have come loose in the tire, they are pulled free from the tire, or like maybe they weren't ever in the rubber to begin with.
I ordered a new one from the warehouse, and an extra for a spare.
I'm going to see if I can somehow get this thing to work for a week or so until a new one arrives.

So, 1st, has anyone else ever had this happen?
Second, is it worth it to try and find a tube?

And finally, do you think this tire was the first one made on a Monday, or the last one on a Friday?



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seen this a bunch. this i believe is caused by heat on the inside of the sidewall from riding too low air pressure, sidewall constantly flexing as it goes around and around, squished on bottom stretched on top.

easy solution. run a tube.
The rear tire on my Baja MB200 is having issues with cracks around the treads and I used slime too. It leaks a bit, but nothing worth worrying about more than once a week. I was thinking mine was leaking through those cracks, but after some inspection, it seems it's my valve stem, possibly.... :confused::confused: