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    This makes it easier to install tire on rim.
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    With the help of a strap trying to get and keep air pressure in the tire.
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    Mounting tire on rim
  4. Taco Loco Joe

    Vintage Tire Explosion

    I was putting Air in My newly acquired Trojans tires today. They are old but showed no visible cracks. As I was airing up the front tire Slowly, The side wall ripped open and this big friggin balloon came out. So I grabbed my I pad and started snapping pics. Then kabooom! Too bad I didn't video...
  5. T

    old fat rear tire minibike

    hello all, i remember sometime in the 70's a kid had a green minibike with a wide rear tire was there a company that made them ?? just curious thanks bobby
  6. R

    Small problems with Baja Bug

    So I got this Bug with a torque converter and junk, and its a world of difference compared to a centrifugal clutch. But one of the problems I have with it is that the rear tire is very hard to push when it has the little brass bushing. I added some dielectric grease where the bushing makes...
  7. deezildennis

    Sears Fat tire mini bike tire size?

    I have a few Sears mini bikes with the swingarm/motor plate. I am wanting to build a fat tire bike pretty much the same as the Sears fat tire mini. Does anyone know off hand the front and rear tire size and rim/wheel size these had stock? Thanks ahead of time!
  8. E

    Super Bronc 2 VT-1040 Tire Removal / Tire replacement question

    I have a couple of Duro knobby HF240 21-12.00-8 tires on order and have some questions... I'm new to all things Super Bronc 2 VT-1040 and ATV-style tire, are there any tips/tricks/step-by step procedures that I need to know regarding removing the wheels and bad tires from the super Bronc 2? I...
  9. adarter

    Tire tube size?

    I have a tire in decent shape but need to put a tube in it. Tire says 14 x 6 but no other listing for tire size. I tried a 410/350 x 6 it developed a leak in a day. What tube should I get. Or what measurement do I need to take.
  10. Z

    Doodlebug Tire Question - Heavy Rider

    So I did a little trading and ended up with a pretty nice little Doodlebug with the jackshaft kit on it and possibly some other mods I just haven't figured out yet. So here is my question, I am 6'4 - 310 lbs and I hear with the right setup I can ride this thing around with my kids that have...
  11. drenchedgremlin

    How do you guys get old tires off while not damaging the rim?

    I am taking apart an old cat wheel, i am trying to get the tire off but idk how to separate the tire without sticking something between the tire and rim and prying it which i dont really want to do. So what is your method of going about this?
  12. bowhunt4life

    WTB 6" Gilson/Wards Front Tire and Axle

    I am in need of a front tire/rim and front axle for my Allis Bike. Please PM if you have one to sell. Thank you.
  13. F

    Baja Racer (DB30S I think) max tire size

    I'm about to go pick up my first mini which I'm getting in trade for an old Honda pit bike engine. It's a lime green Baja Racer with a 3hp engine in it. I'm going to toss a Predator 212 in there at some point as I doubt very much the stock engine will move me with any speed whatsoever. I'm...
  14. S

    looking for goodyear Diamond tread 3.00 x 3.00 - 5 tire

    howdy folks its been a long time i am looking for a front tire for my Go kart cycle its a goodyear diamond tread 3.00 x 3.00 -5 any usable condition would be great help or links to the puzzle
  15. P

    rear tire to fit doodle bug/ can anybody recommend SHORT tire to fit OEM rim ?

    I bought first mini bike. to bad it is chinese but whatever. I will take fenders and put lower profile old school tires. What can you guys and gals recommend ? THANK YOU
  16. B

    Db30 brake hits tire?

    Almost finished with the db30 and with the 15x6x6 tires the brake runs the tire does anyone have a suggestion? I was thinking about shimming out the rotor or grinding a little off the back of the caliper.
  17. N

    New member, converting Manco Rustler 3 wheeler to fat tire bike

    Hello All, New member here, I'm in the process of converting an old Manco Rustler 3 wheeler into a fat tire bike. I got the rolling frame years ago and hadn't really done anything with it. I had put a 5hp Tecumseh powersport motor on it and putted around the yard and then it sat. Decided...
  18. nds1968

    Montgomery Ward Buffalo big tire model t777

    I like this :thumbsup: https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/mcy/6082087035.html
  19. Mike T

    145/70-6 Knobby tire actuall dimensions

    I read recently in another thread that minibike tires often exceed the size written on the tire. My Trail Bronc has 15.0 x 6.0-6 tire on the front. Does this mean a 145/70-6 knobby might be as tall or taller than the 15.0 x 6.0-6 on my trail Bronc? It seems to be the closest knobby in size to...
  20. L

    pullstart turning over crankshaft, clutch and back tire...

    OK so I know it's most likely my over torquing of the arc rod bolts, but the engine is in great running condition and as soon as i hit the gas the engine stopped and i went to pull-start it again. After going to pull-start it rotates the rear wheel and crankshaft... I am thinking its because I...