Street legal minibik


Ive been into minibikes since i was a child and have built a few in the past couple of years. I recently sold my doodlebug and ever since have been regretting it..
I have terrible luck with vehicles, i cant help it i like going fast. but in the past five months ive blown 2 motors a head gasket and cracked the head in my virtually indestructable 4cyl s10. Ive looked into making a street legal minibike ever since i got my first minibike in 2011 but now i feel its gonna happen.
Ive looked at the laws we have here in indiana and i belive the best way of getting my way on the roads are the "moped" route. Label it as a 49cc and go. The law has changed around here and in order for a moped to be legal it cant reach over 30mph. Come on ive built toilets that went faster than that.
Now we all know its not gonna be 49cc, but i dont know what route im gonna go motor wise. I could easily slap a 212 or a honda on a doodlebug and have a super fast minibike that everyone and their brother have built. But then again i could do something ive always wanted, a 125cc 5 speed manual transmission doodlebug. The past couple of weeks ive been doing my research and i have seen that it has been done and is totally possible. If you can slap a 500cc engine on one then i can slap a 125cc.
Laws dont really bother me as far as i know not to take it on interstates and big highways, but i will be riding this to school, tech school and work. I have met nearly every cop in the county from my past habits on minibikes. There have been times i have been pulled over and taken home and there have been times that cops dont wanna mess with the neighborhood hooligan on his 6hp minibike of death.
But as far as i know the frame will be a doodlebug because they are cheap and disposible. I would love your input and like to hear back from some of you

Greetings...check state law..even then some cops still ticket four wheelers here..which are mostly what you see.....even if law states here ..dirt road with less than posted 35 mph is OK for off roading ..if was me I'd get legal dirt bike and put semi street tires.....
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My idea on how im going to make one of mine street legal use the neck off an 70s-80's honda suzuki whatever there usually free or a hundred bucks and weld it on a minibike. the necks got a vin number so tecnically its a modified whatever. no one says you cant put a smaller engine on your motorcycle. the only problem if someone wants to be a dick is height and legnth requirements to pass as a motorcycle.
See thats what i was thinking, but as laws are so strict on what makes it a motorcycle around here i thought i would go with the moped route. i wouldnt have to mess with getting a vin number or changing the fork tube.