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I think I need a tac for my own safety and enjoyment.

I have been looking at those digital hour/rpm ones on ebay.
Around 13 bucks or so.

Am I throwing money up in the air and wasting my money on these things?

Seems like all I really need. I just want to watch my rpms.

Thanks for any guidance or direction.
They work OK and keep the highest rpm value after engine is off. They update kinda slow however and it is hard to watch and drive.
I have a few of them and they do work fine just the update is slow, like you said above about 1 sec. when blipping the throttle it will not track the engine rpm well, but otherwise they do work fine and the internal battery lasts quite a while
Stupid question, but can't you limit your RPMs just by not going to heavy with your valve springs? I know when I have bypassed or removed a governor on a Honda or Honda clone, my valves start floating way before I get into flywheel-exploding, throw-a-rod RPMs.


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I have a rod but, didn't go with the flywheel.
It is a lighted engine so, I need to keep the flywheel for lights eventually.

I do have heavier springs, so valve float probably isn't gonna happen.

I just want some idea on where I am with the rpm's. :thumbsup:
Hopefully be able to see that I continue to run it within the safe limits.

I am not a run it crazy wide open for miles kinda guy.

I have what I want. A quick out of the hole bike with good top, I guess.:confused:
I haven't ran it wide open for long periods of time. Quick bursts.:scooter:

Thanks for the great input. Good stuff fellas.:thumbsup:


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I just bought one - less than $11 and shipped from the US in a few days.


They work great and I'd say the update speed is less than 1 second. You can certainly use them to set the upper RPM limit of a modified engine.
I just bought 2 of those last week, installed one.
My question is, do they always stay on once you fire them up?
Can't find a way to turn it off, nothing in the manual.