Tecumseh 34712 - Carburetor Flange for H40, H50, H60, H70, etc.

Picked up a nice Tecumseh 5HP H50 XL (steel liner, ball bearing) engine but it is just the base long block. I have all the remaining parts to build a full engine, except for this carb mount flange thingy.

Anyone have a spare one? Let me know if you do and what you need for it, I have PreyPal or lots of NOS and used Briggs parts for trade.. ..thanks! :thumbsup:

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Looks like there may be a few different part numbers for this piece but the one in that auction (30195A), looks like might be made of phenolic or something? :shrug:

Tecumseh part # 34712 is metal I think and it's the part I need according to the parts list for this engine, H50-65525R but that part is also used on other H series engines, too apparently.