Tecumseh HS40 Oil Dip Stick?

I was wondering what Tecumseh oil dip sticks would work in a 1974 HS40 model. The parts diagram for my engine has a dipstick depicted, but no part number available for it. On the engine I have, both sides of the sump cover just have the removable plugs on them to pour oil in, like when they came out of the factory. Any help is appreciated in helping me locate a dip stick to help keep my oil level checked. Thanks!
If your motor is level no dipstick is needed. Just fill to bottom of the plug hole-21OZ on an HS40
Thank you. I didn't even know it wasn't that important as long as the engine is level. I've already filled it up with 21oz of SAE-30 (I'm pretty sure that's the proper oil for these engines), so I guess I'll just enjoy riding with it!