1. FunWithStuff

    Tecumseh HS40 Oil Dip Stick?

    Hello! I was wondering what Tecumseh oil dip sticks would work in a 1974 HS40 model. The parts diagram for my engine has a dipstick depicted, but no part number available for it. On the engine I have, both sides of the sump cover just have the removable plugs on them to pour oil in, like when...
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  3. CLH

    Question about crankcase breather setups

    Hi, For my Cast iron HH70 build I had to purchase a new air cleaner assembly, I decided to go with a kit I found on Ebay shown in the picture below. It has a cast iron elbow and paper element that some of the cast iron industrial "X/L series" Tecumsehs' came with. This means that the crankcase...
  4. I

    WTB HS 40 crankcase cover

    I am in search of a good bearing crankcase cover for an HS 40 Rupp. Thanks
  5. B

    Crankcase cover swap?

    I just picked up a 5hp B&S flathead cart engine from a friend but I need the crankcase cover with the 4 holes for my clutch brake. Are all the 5hp covers the same? I'm mechanically inclined but have never change one, is it as easy as pop to old one off, replace the gasket and put the new one on...
  6. Dr. Shop Teacher

    3 hp Briggs Crankcase cover needed

    Looking for a 3 hp Briggs crankcase cover with 4 bolt holes to locate clutch/chain guard. Engine is a 80200 series flathead built in the 90s.
  7. B

    Hemi Predator Crankcase Bolts

    Just picked up a Hemi Predator and am trying to bolt a torque converter to it. The bolts included with the TC (8mm x 1.25 x25mm) go into the crankcase half turn and then stop. What size should the bolts be?
  8. Spoildface

    Torque converter erratic.

    Hey everyone I recently bought a knockoff comet TAV. After riding it the first time I noticed the driver clutch is very loose. It moves in and out relitive to the crankcase. When I installed it it never slid. What happened? Its not spinning free or anything but i belive the sliding is causing...
  9. nds1968

    Crankcase side bearings

    I've been looking for a crankcase side cover with the tapped holes for a 1972 5hp. I see them listed as large or small bearings for the crank. So is the difference just the bearing or is the crank also different? Thanks, Nate
  10. vwmopar

    Crankcase ventilation?

    I have a Tecumseh motorsports h50. Is it necessary to run a catch can or crankcase breather. On most of the drag style mini bikes I see they run a catch can. Why is this and do I need one?
  11. Carlos

    Tecumseh small frame crankcase mix

    Has anyone had any experience mixing an engine block and crankcase cover from different engines with any success? There seem to be many engine blocks such as HS50 and HSSK50 blocks for sale on ebay without the crankcase cover, but logic tells me that the crank bearings would be align bored...
  12. E

    196cc Crankcase Vent Tube Filter??

    I bought an airfilter kit for my new Coleman 196cc minibike.. where does the crankcase vent tube go when you install the new filter kit?? I don't want to leave it open and dangling to suck in dust.. Suggestions on a CHEAP filter (aka mini KN knockoff maybe) for it maybe??
  13. Docdc

    Rebushing a 130000 Crankcase Cover

    Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone on the board who would be willing to rebush a crankcase cover for a Briggs 130000 series 5hp engine. I bought this off of Ebay and of course the bushing is shot. I need this cover as it has the four threaded holes for a clutch cover. I don't have the...
  14. A

    Briggs crankcase gasket. Which one do I use?

    I need a crankcase gasket for my briggs but I am not sure which one I need since there seems to be similar style gaskets with different part numbers. I am not sure if the model number is correct due the possibility of the pull start/shourd being replaced so.... These part numbers all look...
  15. 2

    Honda crankcase venting question

    So if I plan on running 2 vents from my case up to the valve cover, and then 1 off the cover to a catch can.... Do I need to do away with the little deal inside the valve cover? Im assuming some type of PCV valve? Is there another cover that is a bolt on swap without it? Planned on just...
  16. K

    Crankcase Cover Mystery

    I have a jiandong 5.5 hp clone, after many many hours, it was suffering from a severe case of blow by. So, I decided to freshen up the motor, I ordered new rings, honed the cylinder, installed the new rings and and all new gaskets thruout. Here's the mystery, when I tried to start the engine ...
  17. vwfan79

    Too much crankcase pressure

    I modded a 5hp briggs with .300 cam, billet lifters, heavier springs, new valves, eyebrows shaved, mikuni carb, billet rod, 3hp flywheel and coil, timing advance, honed and new rings. I have way too much crankcase pressure and I'm running 2 breather tubes right now, 1 to a fuel pump and 1 is...
  18. G

    crankcase pressure issue!!!!

    i bought a bsp clone and my crankcase. Pressure is blowing oil out of the valve cover into the pulse line which is drilled correct. Also into catchcan. Normal??? Please help. Should i drill. A hole in fill cap or how do i make a pulse fitting for that? Do i go from pulse to fuel pump. Blowoff...
  19. 93notch408


    so i just put a fuel pump on my bike and the pulse fitting goes thru the valve cover...i took it for a spin and i noticed the bike was spraying oil out of the little wire hole that the low oil sensor useto come thru the block and i shut the bike off and i heard air seeping out of it so i took...
  20. Clayon

    Crankcase breather via the header?

    I just made a header that has a bung that allows the valve cover breather hose to be connected to the header to allow those gasses to exit through the header. I've seen this done on cars, and done on a 5hp Briggs once upon a time. My question is, would I be able to use a normal black fuel...