The Best Guitarist You've (probably) Never Heard Of!

If we could include the ''Best'' - probably never heard of - ''Bass'' guitar player,, I elect - ''Gary Thain'' of Uriah Heep.
He was the bassist during Uriah Heep's - ''hey day'', in the early to mid 70's.
I don't have posts for vids, but his live stuff in the early to mid 70's, pretty much carried the band.
He was Frick'n epic, & pretty much could play multiple Bass parts on a live song, & not dubbed !!

My avatar pic, is of him.

He died in 1976, about the same time as Tommy Bolin.. RIP Gary & Tommy.
Not enough room for everyone …………………….

Am a Bass player myself , & have been playing instruments for around 50 years.

Have a listen.