Tight bend exhaust pipe

I need an exhaust pipe that may not be doable. I need a 6.5 HP Predator pipe to bend 160-180 degrees. The pipe needs to bend as soon as it leaves the engine and not go out more than 1.5 inches. I would need the flange and at least 6 " of pipe to mount the muffler.
Is this even possible? Who can do it?
I use these, they are weld ells. They come in different sizes these are 3/4'' and one 1''
They are a bit thick but work.

3/4'' is about 2'' and the 1'' is about 2 1/4''
You could also use another factory exhaust piece. Two of those welded together should get you in the ballpark. I've seen them on ebay sold separate

I bent this up for a member on here, and I have some 90 degree bends and some 180 degrees all ready bent up ..and it is 1" od ..all so have some straight pipe to. If I can help send a PM.

Here are a few photo's of the exhaust as it stands now. The pipe is in the way of the cargo rack. There is not room UNDER the tray to run the pipe. I'd like to come out and make a 180 degree bend and angle down under the carb and past the gear shifter lever and out the right side of the engine bay.
You can see there is no real space on the left side of the engine due to the clutch/brake

There is three inches of clearance between the engines valve cover and the cargo tray.

There is just enough clearance to allow the pipe to exit the right side of the engine.

I'm open to any ideas you may have.