What Montgomery Ward model is this?


This is mine and the way I bought it.I was told a 5HP tecumseh came stock on this mini so yours probably is all original.They are a nice riding bike.If I had that one I would keep it like it is and just clean and paint it.:thumbsup:

Monkey wards bike.
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Could be original but the tank is wrong
What's wrong with the tank?? I just looked at the catalog page and the tank looks the same to me. Cap location also. :shrug:

Looks like a real nice original example. Couple guys are looking for that particular bike in the wanted section of the classifieds.
Thanks everyone so far on the info!

So everything looks the same from the ad to my bike. (except gas cap). Either the tank has been replaced or maybe different year?

What year is that ad from? It is named with 1975 in it, is that the year?

Any ideal on Model number?

Your bike looks correct to me.Do you have your torque converter belt?Looks like a 20 series semetric drive unit.

Yes, I have the belt and chain. The chain is rusty, I am soaking it in some oil right now. I sure I will need a new one.

The belt looks ok.

After looking more carefully at the pictures and ad, It looks to me that the gas cap is in the same place. Right in the middle of the two mounting bracket.
Nice find. Looks like it would be pretty easy to make it a rider. What do you plan to do with it?
Thanks. Not sure yet what I am going to do with it yet. Every time I look at it, I like it better and better.

When I get time, I will check for spark. Then clean the carb and see if she will fire up.
2 unrelated points,
1. DT 400 rider, if you do in fact have a DT 400, HOLD ON TO IT! I sold mine last year, and have regretted it since. Such a fun bike, and that old 400cc 2 stroke has such great low end torque, I could just idle my bike in first gear when riding trails behind my son, never stalled. Man, I miss that bike!
2. I love seeing that ad for Ward's mini bikes, brought back about 1,000 memories of my own childhood, ogling mini bikes. That 5 hp bike on the right of the ad, the $239 "best seller" was my dream bike for years, while I rode whatever I could piece together, old tiller and edger motors I could pick up for free, clean the carbs, or swap some parts from my junk pile, disconnect the governor and mount it onto my home made frame, bolt on my centrifugal clutch with the teeth 70% worn off and go like a mad dog till I threw a rod, or seized something. :doah:
It's GORGEOUS! That's a keeper. I had a '78, so it had the rear mono-shock, but I like the tank design better on the '76.

I had the 78 back in the early 80s. I also had the 77 which I bought in High School with 1200 miles on it. That was in 1978. I always liked the 75-76 style. My buddy in high school had one.

I finally picked upt the 76 about 8 years ago.

I have a nice original seat and tank in storage.
Just to let you know, this post is from October of 2011 and the last time DT400 was on was in April of this year. I don't think you will get an answer on this one.