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  • hey dude any idea what size screw i need for my drive shaft. its a 3.5 briggs from like the 70s. its 5/8 diameter if that helps. The screw fell off and disappeared
    Not looking to go fast. Just cruise down the streets or through the pits. Am going to keep the govenor just to keep the bike as original as apoosble.
    i just swiped a cable from my old bike and it fit PERCECT. im running a briggs. with a governor now, it used to not have one but when i got my carb cleaned they put one on. why do u want yours on?
    I had the same problem with the cable end. I made a sleeve to fit over the end and used epoxy to keep the sleeve on the cable end. The sleeve made it the proper diameter to keep it in the lever. NOTHING IS EVER EASY!

    I just had to fix my throttle linkage. I hate the Tecumshe set-up but am keeping it because I want to continue to run the govenor.
    hah thats the one i got and i got it before i read it. I am having real trouble with the brakes. I bought that 1 inch brake lever from bmi karts. and the only cable i could find that worked for it was the throttle/clutch cable from northern tool. and the steel cylinder or whatever its called is to small so eventually it pops out of the brake lever and i have no brakes its very frustrating. I was thinking of just buyin a 1 inch brake lever for a bicycle but couldnt find out. btw the brake cable from northern tool was to big, the bell at the end didnt fit into the brake lever as far as i could tell
    Comet #203580A it is a 3/4 belt that measures 29 9/32 outside circumference. You should measure for your particular application. Instructions for taking this measurement and adjusting the belt tension can be found on the Comet Site.
    I don't have a handlebar support but one can easily be made. If you get some threaded rod that fits in the handlebar holes and cut it to size you have the support. As far as the chrome tube cover goes, you can get a chrome toilet supply line and cut it to size to fit over the threaded rod and it will look like the original equipment. As far as the clutch cover goes, it can be fabricated out of sheetmetal, that's what I did. I would be interested in seeing the progress on your bikes. Although I am out of HORNET stickers,, If you need some I can have them made for you as I have the original image saved digitally on a jump drive.
    Hey Friend,
    I have been working on two "K&S" mini bikes for over a year (life gets in the way). I think whats neat is I found a complete frame on craigslist her in Texas and it answered all of my questions I had on how to complete these mini's. Both are the style which are in the K & S brochure viewed on this web site. However, one of mine is a green metallic one (not picture in the brochure). The other is gold like the one second to the right. As a final note, I am looking for the handle bar bracket which goes over/supports the handle bars from the top; and an clutch cover. Don't know if you have these things. I was just passing through and decided to write this in hope of finding them somewhere
    I am not sure what you mean. How much in general for a Tecumseh engine? If you are inquiring about purchasing an engine from me I don't have any for sale at this time.
    I will help you in any way that I can but I can't fill each request right away, I am a busy guy. I will provide you with some measurements this weekend.
    i want to make the frame with professional asistance (only the frame).... cuz the rest of the bike i want to make myself, so i will need measures and plans and a lot of your help :P
    it will be great!
    ill give you my e-mail
    also is my msn

    thx a lot
    To build your own frame is quite an undertaking which requires specialty tools and advanced skills. If you have both great, if not I suggest purchasing a bike and restoring it. Mine is a K&S Hornet. let me know how you wish to proceed.
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