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    GX160 14cc cylinderhead
  2. B

    14cc Ported Heads, 28.5/25 & 27/25

    I have two new 14cc JT-07 clone heads that have been ported and polished. One has 28.5mm intake and 25mm exhaust valves, the other has 27mm intake and 25mm exhaust valves. Ports have a sand blasted finish, combustion chamber unshrouded and polished, & cut multi angle valve seats. Comes with all...
  3. B

    14cc 27/25 Ported Head

    I have a new 14cc JT-07 clone head that has been ported and polished for 27mm intake and 25mm exhaust valves. Ports have a sand blasted finish, combustion chamber unshrouded and polished, & cut multi angle valve seats. Comes with all new stainless valves, retainers and keepers, and your choice...
  4. Danny01

    Hemi Head .VS. 14cc High Comp Head?

    So I was wondering... Would I get more power from swapping my head for the hemi head or the 14cc high comp head? Anyone please?
  5. David wulf

    14cc clone head porting

    Today I finished porting a 14cc clone head for I friend of mine . Here are some pics
  6. kruger

    black mamba jr trade for port & polished 14cc gx160cyl head

    Like the ad says I have a black mamba Jr cam I'm willing to trade for a gx160 head that has been ported and polished to flow better. I Wil also trade for a gx200 head that has been milled .050 . If anyone is knowledgeable in this area and wants to give his opinion of which is better, the decked...
  7. B

    Porting Opinion 14cc Head

    Hiya folks. I am allowing my almost 14 year old boy to do ALL the work on our minibike project. Its a GREAT learning experience for him, but I am having a heck of a time not helping him. So far, I haven't touched it, but I need an opinion. He practiced on a stock head with a dremel tool...
  8. doodlebug6.5

    I have the 14cc head stock piston, Is pump gas okay?

    I believe it would be 10.5.1 compression would it be okay to run pump gas? Can I run 89 or what should I RUN? Thanks
  9. doodlebug6.5

    14cc Head Help?

    So I got a 14cc head, and was wondering if the valves from my predator will swap over I believe its the 3rd gen has split valve keepers, was also wondering what fuel I should run. Can I run regular? Octane Booster? Thanks
  10. Full Throttle

    14cc head

    Bought a nice new head for 6.5 clone off fleabay that's a 14cc. You can tell it's 14cc by the way the chamber looks. Cause it's 14cc head would you mill the head some or just leave it alone and run it just like it is. By milling it wouldn't you go down more on the cc's ? Don't know how far to...
  11. S

    Looking for genuine honda 14cc head

    Looking for a genuine honda 14cc head
  12. David wulf

    My red clone build

    Like it says RED clone . I bought this from parsons racing for only 80 bucks plus a whole 12 dollars for shipping . This motor comes without a cam or flywheel , but who needs that stuff not me . My plans are pull the black Mamba out of my Honda 160 and the billet flywheel along with the ARC...
  13. DBMonster85

    18cc honda head or 14cc clone head

    Ok guys I've built my drag bike with a 14cc clone head on it with 27mm intake and 24mm out. today I picked up a Honda 18cc head with 28mm intake and 25 out. what head would perform better and or give me the most power. this is a race bike only no joy riding. heres what else is in the motor. I...
  14. trinik7597

    14cc honda gx160 head

    good used 14cc head . just needs a good cleaning . complete stock head $50.00 shipped i will throw in stock flat top piston (has 3 dings on the face but should be fine ) lifters,stock rod,push rods,stock cam if you want those aswell:thumbsup:
  15. 1

    experts, help id this head

    I posted a want AD for a 14cc head.the seller said i have one, so i bought it. I got it in and first thing i noticed was the chamber does not look like any 14 cc head I've ever seen, even though the casting said zh8. Matter of fact, it looks like every 18 cc head I've ever seen. Im ordering...
  16. 1

    wanted: 14cc head for clone gx200

  17. J

    14cc honda head milled 0.65

    14cc head milled 0.65 75$ pick up only Michigan
  18. J

    14cc head help

    I have a 212 hemi predator and I just put a stock 14cc head milled .65 on it with the champion rockers 1.1 the ones they have on smallenginecams.com I put the valves out of my predator head in the 14cc head, here are my questions what size push rod do I use, and can I use a .16 copper gasket...
  19. B


    Im needing a 14cc head for a gx160???? Just need the bare casting!!! Help please
  20. K

    14cc head stock rod?

    Would the stock rod be ok with a 14cc head on a predator? With the governor still on?